Readings for 2010-10-29

  • "My Dad Is Li Gang" incident: Ai Weiwei produces video interview of Chen Xiaofeng's brother and father #
  • The Rape Accusation Against Meg Whitman's Son That Got Hushed Up #
  • Shanghai Scrap » Firing you best bullet, and other thoughts on rare earth mania. #
  • Hilariously, China Resumes Rare Earth Shipments On The Debut Day Of The Rare Earth ETF $remx $ree $mcp #
  • William Black Tears Larry Summers Apart, Again Calls Out Obama To Place Bank Of America In Receivership | zero hedge #
  • Single-Malt Scotch Whisky Catches on in China – Scene Asia – Scene Asia – WSJ big time in Beijing #
  • Asia Times-Japan spins anti-China merry-go-round over "alleged embargo on exports of rare earth" #
  • China Matters: Maybe It’s Time to Stop Listening to David Shambaugh on China interesting post #
  • For Steven Rattner, Tense Call Behind Legal Standoff With Andrew Cuomo – WSJ rattner would look good in prison garb #
  • Startup Weekend Beijing 11.19-21 " highly motivated group of developers, mgrs, marketing gurus, graphic artists + #
  • Shenzhen subsidizes CEOs' homes, causing backlash – People's Daily Online Tencent's Ma Huateng on the list #
  • Dairy Marketers Try Dirty Tricks Campaign_Caixin on Mengniu & Yili. Nothing will change so long as sites take the $s #
  • Ben Bernanke Is Now Simply Asking Wall Street How Much Stimulus It Wants #
  • CapitalVue News: Baotou Rare-Earth Q3 Net Profit Up 369% #
  • Obama No Longer Bothering to Lie Credibly: Claims Financial Crisis Cost Less Than S&L Crisis « naked capitalism #

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