The Sinocism China Newsletter 06.08.15

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

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1. Souring China business climate risks U.S. investment treaty talks | Reuters China and the United States will swap initial demands for an investment treaty as early as Monday, sources said, but U.S. investors are already worried that an emerging raft of Chinese regulations could threaten the future of talks….three sources familiar with the treaty talks say U.S. negotiators expect Beijing to come up with an expansive “negative list”, noting that it has pursued in recent months new rules that could further restrict foreign access to sensitive sectors. “After 35 years of reform and opening in China, there are enough data points out there to suggest we are now seeing a reversal,” one source said.// no BIT is better than a bad BIT

Related: Americans Buy a Fifth of China’s Exports – Bloomberg Business While Chinese shipments to trading partners including Japan, Europe and South Korea tumbled last month from a year ago, those to the U.S. climbed 7.8 percent. That helped make America the destination for 18.8 percent of China’s exports, outstripping all others. The European Union took 15.1 percent, with 11.9 percent for the Southeast Asian grouping of Asean. Evidence of China’s increasing reliance on the world’s largest economy comes just weeks before annual talks between the two nations in Washington

2. Full Text: Progress in China’s Human Rights in 2014 – Xinhua The Information Office of the State Council, or China’s Cabinet, issued a white paper on Progress in China’s Human Rights in 2014 Monday. Following is the full text:

Related: China issues white paper on human rights – Xinhua The white paper is China’s 12th report on human rights since the government began releasing such reports in 1991. The report, with nine chapters and about 14,000 words, details the progress the country has made in protecting the people’s rights to development, democracy, impartial trial and clean environment, as well as the rights of women, children, senior citizens, ethnic minorities and the disabled.

Related: And That’s a Wrap: China Cites Cartoons, Film Development in Defending Human Rights Record – China Real Time Report – WSJ China offered an almost exclusively positive portrait of its human rights situation in a white paper released Monday that cited progress in a wide range of areas. Near the top of the list: development of the country’s film and cartoon industries. The annual white paper, which weighed in at 21,000 characters this year, is China’s response to frequent foreign criticisms of its human rights record. In contrast to its critics, who tend to emphasize the rights of the individual, China advocates a broader definition of human rights that puts greater weight on social goods, such as economic and cultural development.

3. Foster Good Netizens, Build a Safe Net Together « China Copyright and Media Speech by Lu Wei  //  The creation of the National Cybersecurity Propaganda Week is an important policy of the Central Leading Group for Cybersecurity and Informatization, and is a real action to promote the safeguarding of cybersecurity in all of society, its objective is to strengthen society’s consciousness about cybersecurity, disseminate cybersecurity knowledge and raise cybersecurity skills. Last year, we successfully organized the first National Cybersecurity Propaganda Week, with a number of direct participants in excess of 20 million, and information covering nearly 500 million, which raised an upsurge of “jointly building cybersecurity, jointly enjoying online civilization” among all the people. We launch this National Cybersecurity Propaganda Week today, in order to give prominence to propaganda and education bout cybersecurity for the young, to start from the basis, to start with children, to forcefully foster “good Chinese netizens”, build security together, and create gains for the future. As I understand it, to make “good Chinese netizens”, the crucial matter is to ensure “Four Haves”: First, they must have a high sense of security…Second, they must have civilized online cultivation….Third, they must have behavioural habits of observing the law…Fourth, they must have the skills to protect themselves

4. 从文化层面反思大国军事兴衰:思想要走在战争前面 – 中国军网 long piece on page 9 of Monday’s PLA Daily from Dai Xu looking at military rise and fall of great powers from the “cultural plane”  //  习主席指出,“意识形态工作是党的一项极端重要的工作”“互联网已经成为舆论斗争的主战场”“政治工作过不了网络关就过不了时代关”。这些论述深刻揭示了当今时代的基本特点。今天中国无论军人还是民众都已经进入互联网时代,我军士兵则主要是使用网络、微信的一代青年。由于曾经在相当长一段时间里国内互联网的疏于管理,敌对势力和负能量利用这一大众信息管道对我国青年已经进行了长时间的思想侵蚀和舆论轰炸。如果不能加紧治理这一混乱局面,后果将难以设想。借鉴主要战略对手的做法,我们在加强传统军事体系建设的同时,应该与国家相关部门共同构建国家意识形态安全和政治安全战略,实施国家战略层面上的网络意识形态攻防战。打赢网络时代的新型战争,已是当务之急。每个时代都有自己的战争形态。由于昧于世界大势,19、20世纪的中国几乎是世界所有新型战争的试验场,让中华民族付出了惨重牺牲。21世纪的中国不能重演历史悲剧。(《解放军报》2015年6月08日 09版)

5. Sinica Podcast-Writers: Heroes in China? If you happen to live in the anglophone world and aren’t closely tied to China by blood or professional ties, chances are that what you believe to be true about this country is heavily influenced by the opinions of perhaps one hundred other people, the reporters who cover China for the world’s leading media outlets and the writers who build a narrative to encompass it beyond the frenetic drumbeat of current affairs. This week, Kaiser Kuo, Jeremy Goldkorn and David Moser are joined by accomplished writer Ian Johnson to talk about this phenomenon at first generally, but then specifically with regards to a piece Ian recently authored in the New York Review of Books called An American Hero in China, a look into the way China has embraced Peter Hessler and his writings on the country.

6. FT Series: End of China’s migrant miracle – Toil and trouble Labour shortages give workers a stronger hand but scepticism about the justice system is widespread

7. Chinese Worker Poet Xu Linshi’s Life and Death-Time Hundreds of thousands of people travel from China’s countryside to its cities to work in factories, building devices for international consumers and trying to assemble better lives for themselves. Xu Lizhi left behind a haunting record of that life

8. Goodbye to smog, cold noodles and breakneck change: my seven years covering China | The Guardian-Tania Branigan I won’t miss the pollution and the many injustices. But I will remember the achievements, the beauty, the exuberant energy and the friends I made



China shares post solid rise ahead of MSCI index decision | Reuters But Shenzhen’s tech-heavy growth board ChiNext slumped 4.4 percent, after China’s asset management association urged mutual fund managers to refrain from speculative trading and from blindly following market trends.

A股仍在加杠杆 增速面临拐点金融频道财新网 Caixin says growth leverage in the stock market is slowing, at a turning point  //  尽管需求仍然强烈,但两融、伞形信托和P2P等民间配资在供给端均在退潮,或是出于监管压力,或是因风险偏好下降,或是因可出借资金告罄。尽管A股的整体杠杆仍在持续增加,但增速已临拐点

With a Rail Merger, China Is Forging an Industrial Giant Second Only to GE – Bloomberg Business The merger of CSR Corp. and China CNR Corp. is now complete, producing a nearly $130-billion behemoth called CRRC Corp. with economies of scale that will allow China to compete even more aggressively for overseas rail deals. Shares of CRRC began trading Monday under CSR’s old tickers and were up 9.2 percent at 16.38 as of 9:43 a.m. in Hong Kong and up 10 percent in Shanghai at 32.40 yuan.

New toys for flash boys in China’s fledgling derivatives market | Reuters Brokerages and fund managers are investing in mathematics whizzes and hardware, and moving servers onto trading floors to gain precious microseconds dealing in new options and futures contracts, helping China’s CSI300 index become the world’s most traded equity futures contract in May.

经济参考网 – 北上广深全线推进公积金支持购房 广州再度放宽政策 百余城市松绑公积金,政策影响分化加剧 7日,广州公积金管理中心发布公告称,为支持住房公积金缴存职工购买普通自住房,改善居住条件,自6月8日起,将调整住房公积金个人住房贷款政策。这是广州继3月放松90平方米以下公积金贷款政策后,再度调整公积金购房政策,意味着一线城市全线开启公积金对购房的支持。// more signs of real estate policy loosening in Beiijng, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen

京津冀交通一体化规划完成 6年将投1.5万亿_证券时报网 sources say the plan for transportation integration between Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei is done, will be announced soon, sets 1.5 Trillion RB of investment between now and 2020  //  据直接参与京津冀协同发展规划编写的专家透露,京津冀交通一体化规划已制定完成,只待公布。 经济观察报消息称,上述参与规划编制的专家透露,目前京津冀三地的总投资规模要大于规划,规划中的项目重点是断头路和轨道交通。据多位专家测算,从今年至2020年的六年间,京津冀三地交通方面的投资预计在1.5万亿元左右。

人民日报:科学认识判断经济形势的指标体系|经济运行|铁路货运量_凤凰财经 People’s Daily looks at the usefulness of the proxy indicators for economic activity like electricity usage and freight volumes// 用电量、铁路货运量等指标与经济增长关系的新变化表明,发展阶段在变,科技进步加快,经济指标间的关系既有不变的内容,也有变的成分,分析判断经济形势必须以发展的眼光、动态的视角,辩证看待变与不变的关系。首先,要透过现象看本质,认识到用电量、铁路货运量等指标与经济运行在逻辑上仍是吻合的、匹配的。两者数量关系的变化,没有改变这些指标与经济运行状况的相关性,更没有改变现代市场经济下电力是经济生活的基本能源利用方式、铁路仍是我国大宗原材料的重要运输方式、贷款目前仍是我国市场主体主要融资方式等事实,这些指标反映的经济运行的规律和趋势依然存在,仍是分析判断经济走势的重要依据。其次,要用发展的眼光看问题,既重视传统的用电量和货运量等指标,也要不断丰富评判经济运行状况的指标体系。近年来,中国经济步入新常态,经济发展正从高速增长转向中高速增长,经济发展方式正从规模速度型粗放增长转向质量效率型集约增长,经济结构正从增量扩能为主转向调整存量、做优增量并存的深度调整,经济发展动力正从传统要素投入转向创新驱动。经济运行发生的深层次变化要求我们认识和评判经济状况的指标也要相应地拓展和深化。

Red Pulse | Huatai Securities Launches Buy-Out Fund with Sequoia Capital Huatai Securities [601688:CH] has signed an agreement with Sequoia Capital on investment banking, industry research and information sharing. Meanwhile, Sequoia Capital and Huatai Ruilian, a Huatai subsidiary, will launch an RMB10bn second phase buy-out fund. It will carry on from the first phase, mainly aiming at Big Health, smart consumption, TMT and high-end manufacturing, which are all closely related to the Internet+ initiative. Internet sector buy trades accounted for 16.99% of the total in May, the highest among all sectors. The minimum buy-in for external investors will be RMB4m.

Latest Internet Bank Clears Regulator’s Final Hurdle to Opening-Caixin The financial arm of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. received final regulatory permission to open a private bank on May 27. The bank, to be named MYbank, will be different from traditional banks because it will operate solely online, says a source from MYbank, which is controlled by Ant Financial Group, itself affiliated with Alibaba. “It will not have any physical outlets, or cash services, or engage in any offline businesses such as issuing checks and bills of exchange like traditional banks do,” he said.

Indonesia’s Bank Windu says in talks to be bought by China Construction Bank | Reuters CCB submitted a proposal to buy Bank Windu and is looking to acquire another, Indonesian newspaper Kompas reported on Thursday, citing Mulya Siregar, an official at Indonesia’s financial services authority. Foreign banks can own up to 40 percent of a local lender.

With New Fund, China Aims to Raise the Manufacturing Bar-Caixin A new fund that focuses on developing China’s next generation of industry – so-called Industry 4.0 – through investment in German small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will soon have its initial US$ 1 billion raised, its founder says. Henry Cai, 61, a native of Shanghai, resigned as a senior executive at Deutsche Bank in February to set up the fund, which will invest in intelligent manufacturing, high-end equipment, advanced materials and medical technologies.

Jack Ma in U.S. to Talk Global Strategy, Meet SMEs | Alizila Jack Ma, Alibaba Group’s well-traveled executive chairman, wants Americans to have a better understanding of his company’s growth plans outside of China. So this week, Ma is on the road again, first heading to The Economic Club of New York for a speech about Alibaba’s global strategy, then to Chicago to meet with Mayor Rahm Emanuel and to attend a forum with some 300 small business owners hosted by American Express CEO Ken Chenault.



陈云长女:习近平力主反腐 我们都非常支持 (来源:中国青年网) in advance of the 110th anniversary of her father’s birth later this week, Chen Yun’s eldest daughter Chen Weili praises Xi Jinping and the corruption crackdown

多名河北官员将孩子送往内蒙古高考,查出后报考资格被取消中国政库澎湃新闻-The Paper several Hebei officials caught moving their family hukous to Inner Mongolia so their kids could have a better chance on the Gaokao, and when caught and kids not allowed to take the test some even went to Inner Mongolia to petition…  //  6月4日,内蒙古自治区赤峰市的大多数高考考生都拿到了准考证,而刘小乐(化名)的准考证却还“躺”在当地教育局招生办的柜子里。 此前,有人举报刘小乐是“高考移民”,其父母是河北省公职人员。 在今年高考开考之前,内蒙古自治区教育招生考试中心接到大量举报河北各级官员将孩子送往内蒙古参加高考的举报电话,被举报的官员分布在河北各地的党委组织部、公安局、水利局等众多部门。   在5月25日之前,内蒙古自治区教育招生考试中心已经清退了几百名来自河北的“高考移民”。然而,从5月25日到高考开考这段时间,该中心的高考举报电话依然响个不停。  一些执拗的“高考移民”家长甚至在劝退之后,还跑到内蒙古当地信访部门去上访。

北京首个“红通”嫌疑人孙新从柬埔寨押解回国国内新京报网 former Beijing cadre on the 100 most wanted overseas fugitive list returned from Cambodia  //  在境外逃亡7年之久的北京市外逃职务犯罪嫌疑人孙新今日被从柬埔寨押解回国,这是北京市首个被抓回的“红通”人员。孙新在任单位出纳期间,涉嫌利用职务便利,将巨额公款转入本人担任法人的公司进行营利活动,部分款项被转入期货交易所和证券交易所进行交易。事发后,孙潜逃出境。

习近平论“三严三实”:要知晓为官做事尺度新闻腾讯网 编者按:党的十八大以来,以习近平同志为总书记的新一届党中央,高度重视领导干部的作风建设。2014年3月9日,在十二届全国人大二次会议安徽代表团参加审议时,习近平总书记对各级领导干部提出“既严以修身、严以用权、严以律己,又谋事要实、创业要实、做人要实”的要求。此后,习近平进一步指出,“三严三实”要求是共产党人最基本的政治品格和做人准则,也是党员、干部的修身之本、为政之道、成事之要。在此,我们对习近平关于领导干部作风建设,特别是“三严三实”要求的重要论述,摘编如下

学习时报刊文:中共纪律处分条例有四个局限_凤凰资讯 从完善党内法规制度的角度看,应该抓紧对《处分条例》的制度定位、体例结构、具体内容等进行认真研究,按照“化繁为简、突出重点、与时俱进、严谨规范、有效管用”的修订思路,结合中央对党的制度建设的部署和十八大以来党规党纪建设的经验,对《处分条例》及时加以修订。 《中国共产党纪律处分条例》(下称《处分条例》)颁行于2003年,在反腐倡廉方面发挥了重要作用。但是,随着反腐败斗争进入新阶段,《处分条例》也暴露出一些问题,亟待关注。从完善党内法规制度的角度看,应该抓紧对《处分条例》的制度定位、体例结构、具体内容等进行认真研究,按照“化繁为简、突出重点、与时俱进、严谨规范、有效管用”的修订思路,结合中央对党的制度建设的部署和十八大以来党规党纪建设的经验,对《处分条例》及时加以修订。

历史没有终结 探索永无穷期 ——从雅典和斯巴达的国家治理谈起 -《红旗文稿》2015/11作者:詹得雄 –  现在西方的许多精英仿佛陷入了“精神分裂”:一方面他们指责中国和新加坡领导人“专制”、“独裁”;另一方面他们又不得不承认中国和新加坡创造了奇迹,并表示钦佩。当然,不服气的人还可以自我安慰:看吧,他们迟早要垮台!



Top Chinese Official to Tour Boeing Facility-DefenseNews will he sit in a P-8? Fan will also visit Cuba on this trip  //  A top Chinese military official plans to visit a Boeing factory during a US swing next week, Defense News has learned. General Fan Changlong, the vice-chairman of China’s Central Military Commission, will also visit three military bases and tour an aircraft carrier as part of his travels, which come a week after US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter slammed China for actions he called “out of step” with other nations in the Pacific.

For some Filipino fishermen, the South China Sea dispute is personal – The Washington Post Gunmen in a Chinese speedboat drove Macario Forones, for instance, away from a favorite spot called Scarborough Shoal, and now his boat, the Marvin-1, sits useless in the grass and weeds above the high-tide line, and he sells someone else’s fish from a stall in the local market. Efrim Forones now dives for clams in the bay, making about one-tenth of what he earned when he fished the sea. Viany Mula says he was set upon with a Chinese water cannon when he ventured out to the shoal in his boat, and now he makes deliveries around town on a motorbike, barely earning enough each day, as he puts it, to buy the rice he needs. “I really want to fish the shoal,” Mula said one recent day. “It’s a very rich fishing ground. But that’s not possible now.”

US anxiety towards China roots in itself – People’s Daily Online Fu Ying, member of the 12th NPC Standing Committee and chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, paid visits to several US congressmen, professors, think tanks, and some media professionals while she was in the US recently. She classifies US views about China into three types in an opinion article which appears on People’s Daily Overseas Edition. // 傅莹:美国对华有三大派、三大失望

Commentary: Indictment of FIFA officials exposes Washington’s arrogance as “world police” – Xinhua The United States has always been good at meddling in internal affairs of international organizations and other countries, so as to force them to act on its will in the service of its political objectives. Just as Russia’s Rossiskaya Gazeta newspaper put it, the United States has never given up its attempt to knock down those whom it hates. With the lack of financial transparency, balancing of power, and supervision in FIFA, it is no wonder that some kinds of corruption exist within the organization, professional leagues, and international events. Thus it is a must to prevent football from corrupting with some effective methods.

GOP hopefuls blame Obama’s China policy for data breach | TheHill Several Republican candidates argued on Friday that Obama’s failure to employ a strong hand with the Asian power empowered the country to launch digital assaults at will against the U.S. government and private sector. “The lack of common sense in this White House is beyond breathtaking,” said former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. “We need a different strategy to confront Chinese behavior — whether in the South China Sea or in cyberspace,” said Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard executive, on Facebook. “Yet another example of America being walked over by rivals and adversaries,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who declared his candidacy Monday. // 16 months to go…

Chinese ‘spy’ held in US is innocent, says wife | US news | The Guardian The wife of a Chinese professor being held in the US on spying charges has insisted her husband is innocent and described how his arrest had left her “heartbroken and angry”. Zhang Hao, a professor from Tianjin University, was taken into custody at Los Angeles international airport on 16 May after reportedly flying into the country from China to attend a conference…However, Fan Liping, the wife of Zhang, claimed her husband had been wronged. “As his wife, I have been tormented by the arrest and [have been] running around trying to sort things out,” she wrote in an open letter published on a social media account operated by Tianjin University.

Closer to China with Robert Kuhn, – English Closer to China with R.L.Kuhn is a new weekly show that brings true, complex story of China to the world through candid, intimate discussions with China’s decision-makers and opinion-setters in all sectors. // have not watched



Propaganda converges – China Media Project The mobile internet, which we are told is set to revolutionize the Chinese economy, is already transforming the project of information control in China. Against the backdrop of rapid technological change, the Party continues to regard information control, or “guidance of public opinion,” as a crucial foundation of social and political stability. There is no question that the mobile internet is now the key focus and priority in the overall project of information control. In that sense, Xinhua’s new — and, we are told, improved — app for news and information is a strategic project in the Party’s efforts to dominate and drive coverage of important news stories at home. This is what Cai Mingzhao means when he talks about the enhanced mobile version of Xinhua Online becoming “the main force.”

How this Chinese actress parlayed fame into fortune-EJ Insight The world’s wealthiest working actress is a former kindergarten teacher with such keen investing acumen that she’s been nicknamed “China’s show-business Buffett” by her country’s media, Forbes reported. Vicki Zhao Wei has parlayed her television and movie acting salaries, her hefty endorsement fees and her smart investment moves into a personal fortune, shared with her husband, businessman Huang Youlong, that recently zoomed past the billion-US-dollar mark.

Google Play may pay subsidy to enter China Search engine Google is reportedly in talks with Chinese phone makers on introducing its Play app store to the country, where the mobile market has recorded explosive growth, according to Shanghai’s China Business News. Sources told the newspaper that three of China’s six major handset makers–ZTE, Huawei, Coolpad, Lenovo, Vivo and Oppo–received offers from Google, which would pay US$1 for each phone that is pre-installed with a version of Google Play.

Xiaomi, China’s New Phone Giant, Takes Aim at World – WSJ flattering look at the company, Xiaomi PR must be pleased…surprised no mention of the various copycatting accusations against the company or the utter destruction of the original Xiaomi messaging app MiTalk by WeChat. I doubt Xiaomi poses much risk to Apple but clearly it is hurting Samsung. If Apple were to launch 1-2000 RMB handsets in China they might take a huge bite out of Xiaomi’s sales here (how many Xiaomi buyers who can really afford an iPhone choose a Xiaomi instead?), but don’t expect Apple to do so

乐视优酷等29家网站被处罚 涉暴力恐怖动漫_证券时报网 29 video sites including Youku, Sohu. LeTV, iQiyi, Tencent, warned, fined for objectionable animated content  //  据央视新闻6月8日消息,文化部公布《东京食尸鬼第二季》、《进击的巨人》等一批网络动漫因违规被列入“黑名单”。乐视、爱奇艺、搜狐、优酷、腾讯、百度等29家网站,因提供含诱导未成年人违法犯罪和渲染暴力、色情等内容的网络动漫,被给予警告、罚款等处罚。漫画岛等8家网站被关停。



Big Gender Gap in Views of Women’s Workplace Gains, Survey Shows – WSJ A new survey shows that people in China have a positive view of women’s status in the workplace — although, perhaps unsurprisingly, men have a rosier take on the issue than women. 76% of Chinese men believe that both genders have an equal chance at ascending the corporate ladder, while only 53% of Chinese women say the same, according to the survey by global recruitment firm Hays. The firm surveyed 521 Chinese respondents as part of a broader poll of nearly 6,000 people across 31 countries.

China Policy Institute Blog » China’s Language Policies Since 2006, China’s State Language Commission, an administrative department under the Ministry of Education, has been compiling an annual Green Paper on the so-called ‘language life’ in China. These Green Papers are published under the title Language Situation in China, and the English translation of the key parts of the reports between 2006 and 2013 are now available as Li Yuming and Li Wei eds, 2013, 2014, 2015. The reports detail many facets of the language policies and in China and have fast become an essential reference for those interested in the socio-cultural changes in Chinese society today.

北京首现无人超市:顾客抱走昂贵烟酒只付10元(图)_凤凰资讯 Alibaba’s “Sesame Credit” runs a test by operating Beijing market with no cashier, relying on trust for self-checkout, puts an employee in the store in less than a day after realizing the trust thing not really a thing here…



Dam waste: planning chaos drains China’s hydro ambitions | Reuters In the first four months of this year, when power generation as a whole rose just 0.2 percent, hydropower generation rose 15.3 percent, and its total share of the power mix rose to 17.3 percent last year from 16.9 percent in 2013. But while China generated 944 billion kilowatt hours (kWh) last year, experts say it could produce much more. “If China fully exploited hydropower, total annual output should be around 2.2 trillion kWh, compared to about 1 trillion kWh now,” Zhang Boting, deputy secretary-general of the China Hydropower Society, told Reuters. Doubling Chinese hydropower usage could cut coal use by about 500 million tonnes a year.

经济参考网 – 售电市场放开或率先在三地试点 电网千亿利润蛋糕再分配 多方博弈激烈 延宕13年后重启的新电改正在步步推进。《经济参考报》记者从多位权威人士处获悉,电力市场建设、交易体制改革、发用电计划改革、输配电价改革和售电侧体制改革等五个电力体制改革关键性配套文件已形成征求意见稿,提出在今明两年先在全国范围选择2至3个省份进行综合试点,放开工商业大用户参与售电侧市场,根据负面清单开放社会资本组建售电商。值得注意的是,备受关注的售电市场改革将触及国网利益核心区,意味着千亿利润蛋糕的再分配。虽然一切尚未落定,售电市场早已火热起来,各地近期纷纷成立售电公司,国网也在积极谋划争取参与竞争性售电业务。有业内人士认为,售电综合试点地区名单或从内蒙古等已获批的七个输配电改革试点地区中诞生,五大发电集团有望获首批售电牌照。

经济参考网 – 发微信上QQ 象牙走私用上网络社交工具 为保护生物多样性、打击象牙等濒危动植物及其制品走私,海关总署在2014年6月启动了“守卫者”行动。从杭州海关通报的象牙走私案来看,微信、QQ等已经成为象牙订货、销售的联络工具,国际大巴车司机开始参与象牙走私。

China Oil Imports Seen Rising in Affirmation for OPEC Policy – Bloomberg Business The Asian nation will start buying more to take advantage of low prices and ample supply to fill emergency stockpiles, according to ICIS China, a Shanghai-based commodities researcher. Overseas purchases fell to 23.24 million metric tons in May, the lowest in 15 months, according to preliminary data released by the General Administration of Customs on Monday.

Attack on Nurse Stirs Discussion of a Medical Strike in China – outside the tightly controlled state news media, a more freewheeling discussion among physicians online revealed a profession under siege after years of underfunding by the state and mounting anger from patients fed up with corruption and malpractice. The comments on the Hippocratic Community site displayed deep frustration and even raised the possibility of organizing a strike:



China earmarks nearly 5 bln yuan for agricultural investments – Xinhua The central government plans to provide 4.93 billion yuan (805.98 million U.S. dollars) to finance a total of 4,238 agricultural projects, including 1,445 planting bases, 1,369 breeding bases and 914 product processing items, the MOF said in a statement posted on its official website.



大数据自媒体时代语文怎么考-中国青年报 语文试题解密后,本报记者采访了教育部考试中心的高考命题专家及一线的教育、教研人员,请专家解读今年的语文试题释放的改革信号,这些改革理念在高考题中是如何体现的?我们能从中看到怎样的改革方向?


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