The Sinocism China Newsletter 06.15.15

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

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1. Hong Kong Police Detain 9 After Finding Cache of Suspected Explosives – NYTimes Some of the suspects arrested on Monday belong to a radical faction of Hong Kong’s “localist” activists, the public broadcaster RTHK reported, citing unnamed police sources. These groups generally call for a free election of the city’s leader and reject the growing mainland Chinese influence in the city. Some of their members have confronted mainland Chinese shoppers in earlier protests. // Whether real local terrorists or agent provocateurs, the situation in Hong Kong is getting uglier and uglier and there does not seem to be a reason to expect that trend to change, sadly

Related: Hong Kong’s Activist Social Media Culture Under Threat | The Diplomat A series of controversial arrests of social media activists in Hong Kong since last year’s Occupy Central movement has raised concerns that the government is exploiting the flawed cyberlaw to suppress political speech online in a period of intensifying social and political tensions. On May 29, Tam Tak-chi, leader of the radical democratic coalition People Power, was arrested for a Facebook post that authorities argued “incited others to commit illegal acts” during road the funeral of Beijing loyalist Yeung Kwong’s body. He was later released on bail and believed the arrest was to warn him not to participate in the June 4 vigil, the Legislative Council’s vote on the political reform package, and the July 1 march.

2. Motherland: In Search of Missing Girlhoods-Caixin Two Americans, adopted as babies from China, returned to their hometowns in Jiangsu to find out how daughters in rural China grow up.

3. China Tightens Margin Financing Rules: Great For Haitong, GF Securities -Barrons China Securities Regulatory Commission said investors need to have a minimum daily balance of 500,000 yuan ($80,000) securities assets in the last 20 trading days to take margin loans. The securities regulator also said the size of margin finance balance at each broker may not exceed four times of their net capital. This new rule is by no means draconian. The 4x net capital number has been floated in Chinese local media for a while (and flagged in this blog). Interestingly, the CSRC said it would allow margin contracts to roll over beyond the original maximum 6-month maturity. This new rule is meant to temper down market volatility. Plus, Chinese brokers have not reached the 4x ceiling. As of the end of the first quarter, Chinese brokers have 773 billion yuan of net capital, which means the brokers can have 3.1 trillion yuan margin finance balance, well above the 2.2 trillion yuan as of last week

Related: China Margin-Financing Cap Is Seen Allowing Loans to Double – Bloomberg Business China’s planned ceiling on brokerages’ lending to customers for share purchases is set so high that it may prove only a limited constraint on the funding driving the nation’s stock boom. Brokers may have 4.5 trillion yuan ($725 billion) of financing capacity by year-end under proposed rules announced Friday, China International Capital Corp. analysts say. That would be more than double the current 2.2 trillion yuan of funding outstanding.

Related: China’s Unsettling Stock Market Boom – NYTimes The NYT editorial board weighs in on the market here  //  The last big rally in Chinese stocks was in 2006-07. After the peak in October 2007, prices fell about 70 percent over 12 months. The crash wiped out many individual investors. But because the government tightly restricted margin lending then, there was little damage to the financial system. This time, the risks are bigger and broader.

Related: Stand Back: China’s Bubble Will Burst – Bloomberg View another opinion oracle issues a proclamation…maybe correct eventually but I will bet not this year//  The blow to confidence will be all the greater because the government has acted so conspicuously as a market cheerleader. That’s why the bursting of the stock-market bubble could conceivably deflate the myth that what Beijing commands of the economy shall be so. And who knows where that might lead.

4. Western Firms Caught Off Guard as Chinese Shoppers Flock to Web – WSJ The maker of Dove soap, Lux shampoo and Comfort fabric softener warned in October of a 20% drop in its third-quarter China sales. The next quarter, the company announced another 20% fall. Unilever blamed a slowing Chinese economy and a pullback by shoppers. But a close look at retailing trends in China suggests Unilever was also feeling the pain of the migration of hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers to online shopping. Unilever wasn’t the only Western company overestimating brick-and-mortar. Swiss food company Nestlé SA has been burning instant coffee it couldn’t sell in stores. It recently told The Wall Street Journal it failed to fathom the extent of how quickly and broadly retail was changing in China. Colgate-Palmolive Co. and Germany’s Beiersdorf AG, which makes Nivea skin cream, have also cited problems with overstocking.// there are some real structural shifts going on in the economy, business declines not always about “economy collapsing”…

5. Uber在华业绩遭质疑:真实日订单30万|Uber|订单互联网新浪科技_新浪网 Sina IT says Uber is overstating its ridership numbers in China, that the actual daily ride amount is 300,000 //  据一位不愿具名的消息人士透露,Uber中国的真实日订单数在30万单左右。而因为Uber分配订单的特殊性,司机无法看到乘客的目的地,这导致了大量的拒单产生,订单成功率一直不高。

Related: Chinese Uber Rival Will Raise Funds at $15 Billion Valuation – Bloomberg Business i bought shares in $ehic last week, as a play on surging Uber and Kai-Didi  //  Taxi applications backed by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and Tencent Holdings Ltd. are seeking to raise funds that value the company at $12 billion to $15 billion, people familiar with the matter said. Xiaoju Kuaizhi Inc. is raising at least $1.5 billion to fend off Uber Technologies Inc. in China, the people said, asking not to be identified because they aren’t authorized to speak about the matter. The funding is coming from new and old investors, with the valuation doubling since the competing Didi and Kuaidi apps combined in February, the people said.

6. Geneva Whodunit Has Chinese Up in Arms Over $1.2 Billion Lost in Alleged Scam – Bloomberg Business Street protests in Beijing and Hong Kong. Chinese investors flying 5,000 miles to show up on doorsteps in Geneva and demand their money back. It’s the fallout so far from an alleged scam that its victims say robbed 29,000 Chinese investors of $1.2 billion.. They were promised returns of as much as 10 percent a month from currency trading by API Premiere Swiss Trust AG and associated companies, according to interviews with six victims and documents they shared over the past three months. The money disappeared from their accounts in January, the investors said.  //  and they believed the 10% a month? not much sympathy

7. Cisco to Cut Senior Executives in China as Sales Slip – WSJ Cisco is toast in China  //  Cisco Systems Inc. plans to remove several of its senior executives in China, as sales slide because of government fears about the security of foreign networking equipment, people briefed on the matter said…Cisco’s China sales fell 20% in the quarter ended April 25 from a year earlier, compared with the company’s 5.1% global revenue gain. Its share of the router market in the country fell to 9.4% in the first quarter from 21.2% a year earlier, with the lost sales going to local rival Huawei Technologies Co., according to Bernstein Research.

8. Closer Look: How a Child Comes to Pen the Words ‘Death Has Been My Dream’-Caixin The death of four children in the southwestern province of Guizhou has highlighted the problems faced by the millions of China’s “left-behind children” – rural youngsters who remain at home while their parents go off to find work in big cities. The four – three sisters and a brother aged five to 13 – were found dead after drinking pesticide at their home in Cizhu Village, in the city of Bijie, on June 9. Villagers and officials said the children had lived alone for years because their father has migrated to find work in another province and their mother left home in 2013. State media reported that the 13-year-old boy left behind a letter apparently for his parents that said: “Thanks for your good intentions. I know you are good to me, but it is time for me to go. I swore I would not live beyond 15 years old and death has been my dream for years.”



房价会不会再度暴涨?(经济热点)–财经–人民网 People’s Daily says don’t expect housing prices to rise sharply again

央行货币政策委员会大换血:一次性更换7人,樊纲二次当选金改实验室澎湃新闻-The Paper personnel changes to the PBoC monetary policy committee  //  中国政府网6月15日消息,国务院办公厅公布《关于调整中国人民银行货币政策委员会组成人员的通知》,经国务院批准,任命发展改革委副主任连维良、财政部副部长史耀斌、人民银行行长助理张晓慧、中国银行业协会会长田国立为货币政策委员会委员,朱之鑫、胡晓炼、马建堂、胡怀邦不再担任货币政策委员会委员职务。   此外,货币政策委员会经济金融专家也在届满后全部换血。        经国务院批准,任命樊纲、黄益平、白重恩为货币政策委员会委员,钱颖一、陈雨露、宋国青不再担任货币政策委员会委员职务。

Hank Paulson says China risks ‘real damage’ to economy – “Until the state-owned enterprises are put on a level and competitive playing field, it’s going to be difficult to have the marketplace work efficiently in some key sectors of the economy,” Mr Paulson told the Financial Times during a visit to the Chinese capital. “Reform of the SOEs has been moving too slowly.”.. “Because it’s become more challenging to do business in China, [US companies] are no longer such vocal advocates for the importance of the US-China economic relationship,” Mr Paulson said. “Congress is hearing about the problems rather than the opportunities.”

反垄断“推手”许昆林执掌国家发改委投资司-新闻频道-和讯网 a promotion for the NDRC’s Xu Kunlin, who oversaw the recent anti-monopoly investigations?  //  反垄断“风暴”的主要推手、国家发改委价格监督检查与反垄断局原局长及价格司司长许昆林,已调任国家发改委固定资产投资司司长。 在经济下行压力加大,提振投资稳增长被寄予厚望之际,许昆林履新颇为引人关注。

China company insiders skim the cream off frothy stock market | Reuters Senior executives of listed firms in China have stepped up the pace at which they are selling shares in their own companies, suggesting they may have doubts about whether their stock prices can go much higher. In May company insiders – senior executives or their relatives – sold a combined 1.68 billion shares, a tripling from April, and much more than in each of the previous months of this year, according to data compiled by Reuters.



中青报:周永康锒铛入狱 质疑反腐声音可以休息了新闻频道中华网 曾经,质疑中央反腐决心和能力的声音此起彼伏。有人说反腐“只拍苍蝇、不打老虎”,有人把中央反腐看作“一阵风”……  如今,周永康一审被判无期徒刑、锒铛入狱,这些声音可以“休息”了。我们青年则由衷地高兴,坚决拥护,坚定支持,为党中央坚持全面依法治国、全面从严治党、坚决惩治腐败点赞、鼓掌。// China Youth Daily says with the sentencing of Zhou Yongkang those doubting the seriousness of the corruption crackdown can shutup now…

加大纪律审查力度、遏制腐败蔓延势头之四——系列八——中央纪委监察部网站 能不能处理好“树木与森林”的关系,把握住重点,关系到纪律检查机关能否完成中央交给的目标任务。 ●现在“四风”问题多已转入地下,但这种“星星之火”不可小视。一定要把“四风”问题死死看住,防止不正之风成为腐败的温床。 ●只有把一把手看住了,把领导班子建设好了,才能以上率下,一个地方和部门的风气才能正起来。 ●在遏制腐败蔓延势头的重要阶段,纪律检查机关要透彻分析“树木与森林”的关系,治“病树”、拔“烂树”、护“森林”,逐步形成不敢腐、不能腐、不想腐的有效机制。

首套领导干部国学教材出版 各级干部将轮训新闻腾讯网 first set of “national Studies” textbooks issued for officials  //  今天上午,国家行政学院、中国国学文化艺术中心等多部门联合推出国内首套“全国领导干部国学教育系列教材”,这代表着中华优秀传统文化作为领导干部正心、修身、治国的理论资源和文化基础将有本可依。 据了解,教材共11册,涵盖干部廉政、用人等多方面。未来,国家行政学院及全国省级行政学院系统,将对现任各级行政干部进行传统文化轮训。这套教材有望成为国家各级领导干部的研修课程。 国家行政学院副院长陈宝生表示,学习国学精华可让为官者自省,学习“当官之法惟有三事:曰清,曰慎,曰勤”等廉政勤政之道。

中央信访督查组赴6省“翻旧账” 主查土地征用事项国内新京报网 Central Petition Office sending inspection teams to 6 provinces to reopen old cases, mostly related to land reclamation  //  今年5月,国家信访局会同国土资源部、住房和城乡建设部组成6个督查组,分赴山西、上海、江苏、海南、甘肃、宁夏等6省份,对涉及土地征用、城乡建设等方面的48件信访事项进行了实地督查。邀请全国人大代表参与信访督查是此次督查的新特点。

湖北”五毒书记”称玩弄女性是受西方文化影响_网易新闻中心 corrupt official blames his adultery on the influence of western culture…because there is no culture of philandering across China’s 5000 years of history…  //  2015年4月10日,武汉,从湖北天门市委书记,到落马官员,再到中国古文献疏通解释专家,张二江在数十年人生路上,完成了一次又一次的身份蜕变。2010年11月,张二江结束了近10年的服刑生涯后,顶着一头白发开始了他全新的生活。5年后,民主与法制时报记者李晓磊独家拍摄了张二江回归自由后,多年如一日的平凡生活。这也是张二江自2010年以来,首次同意通过影像方式,展示他的生活细节

dpa news – China detains two rights activists in widening crackdown Two former directors of a Beijing-based human rights group have been detained, the group said late Sunday. Guo Bin and Yang Zhanqing, former senior staff members of the Yirenping Center, were detained Friday and accused of “suspected illegal business,” the organization said.

中国红色通缉令嫌犯王清伟藏匿温哥华 经营农场新闻腾讯网 another member of the fugitive official list found in Canada, this one running a farm  //  《星岛日报》记者追查发现,一个与王清伟汉语拼音名字Qing Wei Wang相同的男子,在芝里华克(Chilliwack)拥有一处农场,该农场对上一次的物业交易纪录为2006年,买主是Qing Wei Wang。

Children of wealthy Chinese taught how to behave – China Daily the session had strict discipline – those arriving late or leaving early were fined 1,000 yuan (around $160). “Although it is not a large sum for the wealthy, the rule aims to build a sense of responsibility.” The training came after Chinese President Xi Jinping called for a more positive image of the young rich. At a working conference of the United Front Work Department (UFWD) last month Xi called for more efforts to “guide the younger generation of private enterprise owners to think where their money comes from and live a positive life”.

CPC expels two former senior officials – Xinhua The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection said in a statement that Sun Hongzhi, vice minister of the State Administration for Industry & Commerce, and Liao Yongyuan, former general manager with China National Petroleum Corporation, have been expelled from CPC following graft investigations. It accused the two of accepting a huge amount of bribes, seeking profits for others and committing adultery.

张春贤:境内外敌对势力利用宗教对新疆渗透破坏活动不断加剧中国政库澎湃新闻-The Paper 张春贤指出,实践证明,广大爱国宗教人士是一支政治上靠得住、宗教上有造诣、品德上能服众、关键时起作用的好队伍,是维护新疆社会稳定和长治久安的重要力量,是促进新疆经济社会发展的积极力量,是可以信赖的依靠力量。同时也要看到,宗教领域还存在对党的宗教工作方针政策学习、理解、掌握、落实不够,对宗教规律认识不透,“说不清、说不过、说不服”的问题;境内外敌对势力利用宗教对新疆进行的渗透破坏活动不断加剧,严重影响社会大局稳定。这些问题不解决,势必影响宗教管理和宗教和谐。

北京刑警:白岩松,我有话要说 A Beijing cop goes after CCTV and Bai Yansong for his recent comments about the police killings in Suning  //  我估计好多嫉恶如仇性如烈火同行们那脆弱的神经禁不起这几个恶心的字眼的刺激,没心情更没时间去全面的了解这是一期多么混蛋的报道! 央视这期新闻1+1报道的主题很明确,广告语主打的就是“一名年过五旬的村民,为何端起猎枪射杀同村村民?”,之后的一系列探究和研讨都是围绕这这个主题而开展的,时间地点人物事件后果起因分析质问结论(懒得打顿号)交待得清清楚楚,你正襟危坐,前线记者当地村民连线专家,此起彼伏忙个不亦乐乎。如果不去仔细推敲,当做茶余饭后的知音体和故事会体打发时间也倒说得过去。不过“对不起,我是警察”,我无法容忍看到这一幕丑剧的上演,央视出品不行,名嘴报道也不行!

Local Chinese Authorities Use Internet Slang ‘Ziganwu’ in Their Propaganda Recruitment · Global Voices A provincial education document titled “The Notice of Recommendation of Core Internet Commenters and Ziganwu”, issued mid-May by the Sichuan education office, indirectly confirms the term’s inclusion in official language. Netizens recently discovered the document on the websites of some provincial colleges, including Mianyang Normal University, Sichuan Medical University and Aba Teachers University. There are a few types of pro-government Internet commenters in China, though they all undertake similar propaganda work. In addition to the 50 Cent Party and the newly government-recognized ziganwu, “online youth civilization volunteers” seek to spread positive energy and “purify” the internet. Leaked emails showed that the China Communist Youth League, one of the most significant Chinese Communist Party organizations under the single party regime, has set out to recruit an estimated 18 million of these commenters from colleges throughout the country since last year.

People’s Daily warns against colour revolutions, blames ‘spread of Western ideology’ | South China Morning Post People’s Daily has launched an assault on colour revolutions, saying the movements are a byproduct of the United States spreading its ideology. The Communist Party’s mouthpiece yesterday filled its page five with five articles written by scholars exploring the roots of colour revolutions, their negative impacts, and how China might learn from the experience of those nations affected. // 人民日报整版刊文:“颜色革命”为何行不通



Vietnam, Chinese Boats Clash Near Disputed South China Sea Isles – Bloomberg Business Vietnamese fishing craft clashed with Chinese boats near the disputed Paracel Islands last week, underscoring simmering tensions between the two communist countries even as their leaders talk of improving relations. Chinese vessels damaged a Vietnamese fishing boat with water cannons on June 7 and three days later a Vietnamese fishing boat was attacked and robbed of equipment and its catch, Thanh Nien newspaper reported Sunday. The clashes follow other recent incidents, with a Chinese marine police boat reportedly spraying water cannons at a Vietnamese fishing vessel in late May.

China-Vietnam cooperative meeting to be held – Xinhua The meeting will be held during Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh’s visit to China from Wednesday to Friday, spokesman Lu Kang said in a statement. Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi will co-chair the meeting with Pham Binh Minh, said Lu.

外交部新任发言人亮相 系一位外交多面手(图)新闻腾讯网 Lu Kang is the new Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson

海外版望海楼:关注海洋 各国应多干正事–观点–人民网-苏晓晖 不幸的是,当前有个别国家动辄炒作南海问题,破坏南海和平与稳定;不但不配合中国的合理倡议,反而对中国的贡献说三道四、肆意抹黑。这种自私行为阻碍其他国家正常合作,损害集体利益。个别国家与其频频炒作南海话题,不如为地区和平做点正事。在海洋命运共同体建设方面,各国有着巨大的合作空间。 中国提出了建设性倡议,但这不是只靠中国一方努力便能够实现的。相关各国须凝聚共识,管控分歧,相向而行。 (作者为中国国际问题研究院国际战略研究所副所长)

习近平批准专项整治解放军房地产管理 纠治6类问题_凤凰资讯 经中央军委主席习近平批准,从2015年6月至2016年1月,在全军开展工程建设项目和房地产资源管理专项整治,集中纠治计划外工程、“三超”项目、擅自建设楼堂馆所和办公用房超面积、军用土地纠纷、擅自处置房地产、违规租赁房地产等6类突出问题,推动基建营房事业健康有序发展。



Alibaba to launch Netflix-like video streaming service in two months | Reuters Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (BABA.N) will launch an online video streaming service in China in about two months, hoping to emulate the U.S.’s Netflix Inc (NFLX.O) and HBO, the firm’s head of digital entertainment said on Sunday. The service will be called ‘TBO’, or Tmall Box Office, with content bought from China and other countries, as well as in-house productions, Alibaba’s Patrick Liu told reporters in Shanghai.

歌华联手阿里、中影打造中国电视院线公司频道财新网 Caixin says Gehua Cable, others including Alibaba launching a “China Television Theater Operating Company”, Alibaba will only own about 6%…is this the same as TBO above or another venture?  //  中国电视院线运营公司注册资本为5亿元,歌华有线为控股股东,占股62%,中影、中国广播电视网络有限公司各自占股10%,阿里创投、金砖丝路、北广传媒各自占股6%。

小米乐视上演口水战科技时代新浪网 Xiaomi and LeTV look to be at war…LeTV is almost as well funded as Xiaomi  //  小米与乐视开完发布会后,就掀起了隔空骂战。今日,小米副总裁王川再次发声,他表示,乐视电视未按规定接入互联网电视播控平台疑似违反了广电总局181号文件的规定,乐视应当提供相应证据澄清。小米与乐视骂战继续发酵

CELLPHONES: Technology Issue Gives Xiaomi New Headache | Young’s China Business Blog Sourcing on the latest reports is admittedly quite sketchy, and comes from a microblog post from an unnamed source on the Twitter-like Weibo service. The source says that the fingerprint recognition technology being developed for chips sold by global leader Qualcomm (Nasdaq: QCOM) isn’t ready for market yet, which is causing a major headache for Xiaomi. (Chinese article) The company is currently scrambling to find alternate solutions to address the shortfall, the reports say. Xiaomi released its first fourth-generation phone, the Mi 4, last July, so presumably it was planning a similar launch schedule around next month for the upcoming Mi 5. But this kind of technology issue, if it’s really happening, would make a July launch extremely difficult, since it would be hard to find a new solution and have enough phones manufactured in time for such a major event next month.

最高法:网购货物快递时被冒领 应由销售者赔偿损失国内新京报网 Supreme Court official says that if an item bought online is stolen before delivery to the purchaser, the seller should be held responsible  //  6月15日,在最高法院新闻通气会上,最高法院民事审判第一庭庭长杨临萍表示,对于网购合同纠纷案件,消费者网购的货物在交付过程中被他人冒领,消费者主张销售者与送货人共同承担赔偿责任的,根据合同相对性原则,应由销售者承担赔偿责任。

高通垄断案蝴蝶效应显现:部分国产手机将遭围剿|国产手机 China Business News says the Qualcom anti-monopoly settlement is leading to a patent war among some of the domestic handset manufacturers



Beijing Enterprises Basketball Team to Play at Wukesong’s MasterCard Center? | China Sports Review It’s not official yet but Beijing Enterprises Group is close to complete the purchase of Chongqing Fly Dragons (重庆翱龙), a newly-promoted team to the CBA, China’s top division basketball. And reports suggest the team, if successfully sanctioned by local sports bureaus, may share MasterCard Center as their home court with the Beijing Ducks, the CBA champions.

Living Largely Off the Grid in China – NYTimes In a modest-looking dwelling shrouded by greenery halfway up one of the highest mountains in eastern China, a young couple have been conducting an experiment in self-sufficiency for about five years.



环保部加大执法力度 前4月按日处罚罚款超亿元时政一财网 in first four months of the year the Ministry of environmental Protection set an average of 100M RMB in fines each day  //  根据1-4月调度情况,全国范围内实施按日连续处罚案件共160件,罚款数额达11229.51万元,个案罚款数额最高为1580万元;实施查封、扣押案件共1186件;实施限产、停产案件共698件;移送行政拘留共437起,移送涉嫌环境污染犯罪案件共429件。

Rich world’s emissions cuts fall well short as China prepares its climate plan | John McGarrity – China Dialogue China’s lack of clarity post-2030 emissions cuts likely to draw flak from developed countries, but OECD nations will also have a lot to answer for, says research



Best classes money can buy – Global Times Beijing and Guangzhou have announced that they will no longer approve international programs like Gao’s in public high schools. Shanghai has reportedly made the same decision. The programs have become controversial because they take place in public schools and use public resources, but charge extremely high fees and are used by parents with enough money to send their kids overseas to study.



经济参考网 – 新华社《经济参考报》官方网站 Economic Information with more details on what is in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration plan  //  《经济参考报》记者从权威人士处独家获悉,近日北京市常务副市长李士祥将带队考察保定市、高碑店市与白沟新城。值得注意的是,此前河北、天津等多名官员曾数次就京津冀协同发展前往北京考察或签约,但这次是北京市高级别领导首次带队到河北进行考察。 保定的重视,可能与京津冀协同发展计划优先发展京津保地区联动有关。据悉,京津冀协同发展将以“一核、双城、三轴、四区、多节点”为骨架进行空间布局,构建以重要城市为支点,以战略性功能区平台为载体,以交通干线、生态廊道为纽带的立体网络。其中,河北省保定市、廊坊市与北京市、天津市共同构成中部核心功能区,即“四区”,重点承接北京市非首都功能的疏解,力争率先启动京津保地区联动发展。

CCTV Host Commits Suicide in Police Drug Bust | The Nanfang Chinese media are reporting that last week’s death of a drug suspect during a police raid was former CCTV television host Bian Ce. The official Sina Weibo account of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau said a man, named Bian, was found dead when police arrived at a residence after receiving a tip that drugs could be found on the premises. After no one answered the door, police discovered an open window and gained access to the apartment.



careers | China Policy several open positions, business must be booming  //  We track policy movements, debates, key players, and organisations across six portfolios: economy; energy and environment; governance and law; social policy; geopolitics; food and water security. If you wish to contribute at the strategic edge of policy analysis on China, please apply for one of the positions below

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