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The Essential Eight

1. Trump Tweets About China And North Korea On Eve of Initial U.S.-China Diplomatic and Security Dialogue

“While I greatly appreciate the efforts of President Xi & China to help with North Korea, it has not worked out. At least I know China tried!”

–President Trump on Twitter Tuesday Afternoon

Axios’ Jonathan Swan in Axios PM – Trump’s China tweet has the best take I have seen so far, which makes sense given how dialed in he is to the White House:

The more useful way to interpret this tweet is Trump publicly shaming Chinese Premier Xi Jinping for failing to change Kim Jong-Un’s deranged behavior and giving him one last chance to fix it, and signaling to the Chinese that they’ve run out of time.

This can also be seen as a classic Trump negotiating tactic: as he wrote in The Art of the Deal, the worst thing you can do in a deal is seem desperate to make it. Lots of people have written off Trump as a sucker for the Chinese, but he’s written: “I protect myself by being flexible. I never get too attached to one approach.”…

The White House believes Xi has made unprecedented efforts to help, but they don’t believe it’s enough, and they’re running out of time.

Comment: It is no coincidence Trump tweeted on the eve of the initial U.S.-China Diplomatic and Security Dialogue. He made a similar passive-aggressive tweet a few days before the Mar-a-Lago Citrus Summit. Do not expect a lot of sudden movement from the PRC side, they seem to believe they really have done a lot on North Korea. The next logical step for the US is to enact harsh sanctions on a much larger number of Chinese firms, including Chinese banks, as well as individuals who are breaking the UN sanctions on North Korea.

Related: Previewing the U.S.-China Diplomatic and Security Dialogue – US Department of State by Susan Thornton, the Acting Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs

Comment: Rumors going around that the excellent Susan Thornton will soon be appointed to be Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs.

Related: China Invites Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner to Visit Beijing – Bloomberg

Details of the possible trip by Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, both of whom have official jobs in the White House, were still under discussion, according to a U.S. official and a Chinese official who asked not to be identified. The visit may also help prepare for a trip by the president himself, said the Chinese official, who asked not be identified disclosing plans that haven’t been announced.

Kushner and Ivanka Trump hosted the U.S.’s newly sworn-in ambassador to China, Terry Branstad, for an introductory dinner Sunday at the Trump Hotel in Washington, according to the U.S. official

Comment: There was talk around the Citrus Summit that Trump would visit China later this year. It sounds like that will not happen, and the princelings will go in his place. Sad.

2. Xi Serious About Civil-Military Integration, PRC Military Industrial Complex Momentum Increasing Rapidly

Xi Jinping moves to further consolidate power with pick for committee secretariat’s post | South China Morning Post

Xi held the first plenary meeting of the Central Commission for Integrated Military and Civilian Development, a group Xi created in January to foster military and civilian capacity integration, on Tuesday, according to the official Xinhua news agency. Xi is the chairman, and three other Politburo standing committee members – Li Keqiang, Liu Yunshan and Zhang Gaoli – are vice chairmen

Related: Xi urges efforts to boost integrated military and civilian development – Xinhua

Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, made the remarks at the first plenary meeting of the central commission for integrated military and civilian development, which he heads.

Upgraded as a national strategy, integrated military and civilian development is a major achievement of China’s long-term coordinated development of economic and national defense construction, Xi said.

It is also a major decision concerning national development and overall security, and a major measure to deal with complicated security threats and gain national strategic advantages, Xi said.

Related: 习近平主持召开中央军民融合发展委员会第一次全体会议强调 加强集中统一领导 加快形成全要素多领域高效益的军民融合深度发展格局 —CCTV Evening News Tuesday on the meeting

Related: 把军民融合搞得更好一些更快一些 – 解放军报Page 1 June 21 PLA Daily Commentary on the meeting of the Central Commission for Integrated Military and Civilian Development

3. Zhou Xiaochuan Calls For More Financial Sector Opening. Swan Song For His Tenure Running the People’s Bank of China?

Zhou’s Jibe at ‘Lazy’ Banks Signals China More Open for Business – Bloomberg

“Financial sectors are no exception” in terms of opening-up, as competition brings “pressure, dynamism, progress and prosperity,” Zhou said. “High leverage, low capital and non-performing loans shouldn’t be tolerated, but being closed and having no competition often give way to low standards.”

Zhou’s stance against financial protectionism signals that the pace of opening will accelerate, and that officials, chastened by outflows since the 2015 yuan devaluation, are shifting focus from opening the capital borders toward more opening of the financial services industry and capital markets, according to Liu Li-gang, chief China economist at Citigroup in Hong Kong.

Related: 中国经济的对外开放:从制造业扩展到服务业——周小川行长在2017陆家嘴论坛上的主旨演讲领导活动中国金融新闻网Full text of Zhou Xiaochuan’s speech at the Lujiazui Forum

Related: China Regulators Call for Deep Reform in Banking Sector as Risks Surface – Caixin

“We must attach more importance to safeguarding against financial risks and maintaining financial stability,” said Wang Zhaoxing, vice chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC). Wang delivered the keynote speech at the kickoff of the two-day Lujiazui Forum in Shanghai

4. PBoC Continues To Feast On Foreign RMB Bear Paws

China Isn’t Going to Run Out of Reserves Anytime Soon | Council on Foreign Relations – Brad Setser

There is no real evidence that China’s current policy mix of controls and a fairly stable exchange rate (whether against the dollar or against the basket) is under pressure, at least so long as China is willing to keep its interest rate above the U.S. policy rate. And right now China and the U.S. are both looking to tighten policy, making it easier to sustain some sort of peg.

The May proxies for China’s foreign exchange reserves are out, and neither suggests any real pressure.

Related: Yuan bears throw in the towel, say it isn’t worth fighting China’s PBOC | Reuters

Not everyone has left the trade. Kyle Bass, the founder of Dallas-based hedge fund Hayman Capital Management, has kept his short position because he says he believes the nation’s credit bubble problems are “metastasizing.”

Bass, has long argued that the Chinese yuan is set to fall 30 percent against the U.S. dollar. “The numbers are telling me that we are right. The numbers are getting so bad so quickly,” he said.

Investors want to know: How is the fund Bass set up last year to short the RMB performing?

5. Beijing Real Estate Cools, Looks Like Deja Vu

Cracks appear in Beijing’s housing market, as up to 80 pc of sellers lower asking prices | South China Morning Post

Monthly sales transaction are set to touch a 28-month low in June as just 4,082 homes changed hands in the first half of the month, compared to 10,250 for the whole May, which reflected a 27-month low, according to agent 5i5j.

Meanwhile, more than 80 per cent of Beijing owners are reducing their asking prices, while just three months ago, 80 per cent were raising prices, according to property agent Homelink.

Related: Government Curbs Continue to Cool Home Price Growth in May – Caixin

The capital city has imposed what analysts say are the stiffest property restrictions in the country, including raising down-payment and mortgage rates, and toughening homebuyer eligibility requirements.

In March, China’s Housing Ministry said the knowledge gained from Beijing’s experience is “worth learning” by other local governments.

Related: 房价跌了 售楼员闲了 环京楼市夏日“冰封”_中证网 Comment: Some details on the slowing real estate market in Greater Beijing

Does It Matter? We have seen this cycle several times since the initial round of harsh administrative controls were implemented in Q2 2010. So far there is no reason to believe this cycle is different.

6. Preparations Underway For Xi Jinping To Visit Hong Kong For July 1 20th Anniversary of Handover

Hong Kong’s cross-harbour security plan for Chinese state leaders during handover celebrations | South China Morning Post

Xi is expected to be in Hong Kong for three days between June 29 and July 1 for the handover celebrations.

On June 30, he is likely to review the local garrison of the People’s Liberation Army. Apart from attending the official banquet and functions, he is expected to visit an elderly home as well.

He is likely to leave after swearing in the city’s next chief executive, Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, on July 1.

Related: Ex-Xinhua Hong Kong chief blames separatism on 150 years of ‘colonial brainwashing’, urges national education | Hong Kong Free Press HKFP

In an interview in Beijing with public broadcaster RTHK, Zhou Nan said that he was not surprised by the appearance of separatist thought in Hong Kong, after 150 years of “colonial brainwashing” during British rule

Related: Chalk Girl: the protester at the heart of Hong Kong’s democracy movement – video | The Guardian

Chalk Girl: a protester at the heart of Hong Kong’s democracy movement. Two years since her arrest made her an accidental infamous hero of the pro-democracy umbrella movement, the 16-year-old must decide whether to rejoin the battle alongside the ‘localist’ youth. As elections loom, Chalk Girl is torn between wanting to respect her family, who are concerned about the risks of her activism, and standing up to Chinese interference

7. MSCI Adds China Shares, Hopes It Won’t Be Embarrassed By Policy Regression Like The IMF Was

China Will Be Part of a Stock Index Provider, Opening the Door to Foreign Money – The New York Times

The MSCI decision on Tuesday represents a mostly symbolic victory for China. The Chinese government had lobbied MSCI for years to include in its indexes the so-called A shares traded on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets. MSCI has added 222 large capitalization stocks on both exchanges.

8. Remember History

How The White Establishment Waged A ‘War’ On Chinese Restaurants In The U.S. : Code Switch : NPR

In most American cities these days, it seems like there’s a Chinese restaurant on every other street corner.

But in the late 1800s, that ubiquity was exactly what certain white establishment figures feared, according to a new study co-written by Gabriel “Jack” Chin, a law professor at the University of California, Davis.

Chin examined how white union workers and lawmakers waged a nationwide “war” on Chinese restaurants in America from 1890 to 1920.


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AnchorBusiness, Economy And Trade

China’s Surging Bonds Show Angst About a Cash Crunch Is Easing – Bloomberg Cash injections from the central bank have helped ease anxiety that Beijing’s deleveraging drive will make China’s traditional mid-year liquidity squeeze even worse this year. Ten-year sovereign bond yields slumped the most in 2017 on Monday, and interest-rate swaps are close to their lowest level since March. Meanwhile, the three-month Shanghai Interbank Offered Rate has fallen in the past few days from its highest point in more than two years.

China Deploys Bond-Buying Tool First Time to Boost Liquidity – Bloomberg On Tuesday, the ministry bought 1.2 billion yuan ($176 million) of one-year notes. Yields on the notes dropped six basis points, the most in five months, to 3.51 percent. The 10-year yield was little changed at 3.50 percent. Shorter-dated government securities have seen their yields climb in recent months amid an official clampdown on leverage that inverted the nation’s yield curve for only the second time in data going back to 2006.

China’s Workers are Saying Goodbye to Double-Digit Pay Raises – Bloomberg “Double-digit wage increases won’t be seen again for the foreseeable future,” said Tao Dong, senior adviser for Asia private banking at Credit Suisse Group AG in Hong Kong. “More than a decade of continuous wage surges and a strong currency have eroded China’s competitiveness.”

Alibaba’s Jack Ma Heads to Detroit to Impress Entrepreneurs—and Trump – WSJ In a two-day event starting Tuesday in Detroit, the e-commerce giant will offer an expected 3,000 U.S. small-business owners tips on how to market and ship their wares to Chinese consumers. There is also a “fireside chat” with Martha Stewart, and Mr. Ma will be interviewed by TV news personality Charlie Rose.

Chinese premier encourages U.S. businesses to contribute to bilateral trade – Xinhua | He made the remarks while meeting with a group of U.S. business leaders and former U.S. officials, who are in Beijing for the ninth dialogue with their Chinese counterparts scheduled Tuesday to Wednesday.

Wukong Becomes China’s First Bike-Share Failure – Caixin Wukong operated its 1,200 bikes in the southwestern city of Chongqing. But most of the bikes were lost because the firm didn’t embed GPS devices in the vehicles. By the time the company decided the devices were necessary, it had run out of money and failed to raise more, Wukong founder Lei Houyi said in an interview with online publication The Founder.

Ford to Save $1 Billion Building Focus in China Instead of Mexico – Bloomberg “China gets a lot of attention, we’ll see how this plays out,” Hinrichs said in response to a question about possible criticism of the move from Trump. “But we believe this is a much better plan for our business globally. And it frees up from the original plan about $1 billion of capital that we can reinvest in the business, including exciting things that we’re working on in autonomy and electrification, and a lot of that work is done right here in the U.S.”

Tesla’s China Plan Bolsters Prospects in Biggest Market for EVs – Bloomberg Tesla is close to an agreement with the city of Shanghai to make vehicles in China for the first time, according to people familiar with the matter. The deal would further open the world’s largest car market just as the government pushes to put more new-energy vehicles on the roads.

F.B.I. Botched Evidence Collection in Fraud Case, Judge Rules – The New York Times The ruling embarrassed federal prosecutors and was made just months before Mr. [Benjamin] Wey’s trial date in October on securities fraud and money laundering charges. It is not clear what other evidence prosecutors have against Mr. Wey. As the founder of New York Global Group, Mr. Wey has made a fortune helping Chinese companies acquire what are known as shell companies — often the remnants of publicly traded companies — in deals called reverse mergers.

The Ghosts of Tianjin’s Unfinished Suburbia – Sixth Tone Despite news that the harbor city is losing its ‘ghost town’ status, a massive 3-million square meter residential development lies abandoned in its suburbs.

China Eastern Fuels Up Cargo Unit With New Investors – Caixin China Eastern Air Holding Co., owner of one of the nation’s top airlines, said it will sell a major stake of its cargo unit to four outside investors in the prelude to an eventual separate listing under Beijing’s pilot program to bring private money into big state-run firms.

U.S. finds some China firms dumped hardwood plywood: Commerce Department | Reuters  The department preliminarily set an anti-dumping margin of 114.72 percent for Shandong Dongfang Bayley Wood Co Ltd and a margin of 57.36 percent for other respondents eligible for a separate rate. A rate of 114.72 percent was set for other Chinese producers who belong to a China-wide entity, the Commerce Department said in a statement.

AnchorPolitics And Law

China publishes draft law on detention houses – Xinhua China’s Ministry of Public Security is soliciting public opinion on a draft law on detention houses, which will consider better human rights protection for those in custody. 疑人侦查阶段或可会见近亲属国内新京报网 犯罪嫌

Lawyers Skeptical About China’s New Detention Center Law – Sixth Tone Lawyers and scholars argue that although the new law is another step in the right direction, there are still caveats. Professor Wu Jiaqing from South China University of Technology’s School of Law insisted that legislation governing detention centers should come from the National People’s Congress, China’s top legislative body. “The fact that it’s been drafted by the Ministry of Public Security means that it would not be beneficial for the safeguarding of suspects’ and criminals’ human rights,” he was quoted as saying in a report from The Paper, Sixth Tone’s sister publication.

习近平谈权力游戏 释整肃政商关系信号 _中国-多维新闻网 北京时间6月20日,中共喉舌《人民日报》海外版旗下微信公号“学习小组”在一篇考据气息浓重的短文中,引述了习近平一段在中国要警惕权力游戏的论述。 在阐述了权力的邪恶与魅力之后,习近平说,“每一个权力中心的周边,都聚集了一批仰其鼻息的既得利益集团。这些人因为接近权力中心,得以垄断资源,获得巨大的利益。他们可能是权贵阶层,也可能是‘白手套’,他们游走在边缘,与权力完成合谋”。 “每一个贪腐案件中,官员的身边莫不聚集了一批‘近权力的楼台先得利益’的商人。权钱交易,是贪腐永恒的话题。规制权力始终是中国社会的一个难题。”

China to dispatch 10,000 school teachers from other provinces to Xinjiang, Tibet – Global Times China’s decision to dispatch 10,000 teachers to the Xinjiang and Tibet autonomous regions to support local education could help solve the educational problems and improve local education in the regions, experts said. About 1,500 teachers from inland provinces are currently working in Xinjiang and Tibet and another batch of 4,000 teachers will be selected and sent to the regions soon, according to a meeting held in Urumqi, capital of Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region on Thursday, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

CCDI names and shames corrupt grassroots officials – Xinhua In one case, five village committee employees in Beijing’s Huairou District, embezzled a total of 34.84 million yuan (5.11 million U.S.dollars) between 2010 and 2014 from compensation for land acquisition. 中央纪委通报九起群众身边的不正之风和腐败问题典型案例 

中央纪委驻国家民族事务委员会纪检组原组长、国家民族事务委员会原党组成员曲淑辉履行全面从严治党监督责任不力被问责—中央纪委监察部网站 Comment: former top CCDI official sent to the State Ethnic Affairs Commission in trouble for discipline problems

中宣部追授廖俊波“时代楷模”荣誉称号–时政–人民网 2017年3月31日,习近平总书记对廖俊波同志先进事迹作出重要指示强调,廖俊波同志任职期间,牢记党的嘱托,尽心尽责,带领当地干部群众扑下身子、苦干实干,以实际行动体现了对党忠诚、心系群众、忘我工作、无私奉献的优秀品质,无愧于“全国优秀县委书记”的称号,广大党员、干部要向廖俊波同志学习,不忘初心、扎实工作、廉洁奉公,身体力行把党的方针政策落实到基层和群众中去,真心实意为人民造福。// Comment: On Village official Liao Junbo as a “model for our times”

AnchorForeign And Defense Affairs

President Xi says BRICS cooperation will usher in new ‘golden decade’ – Xinhua “The BRICS cooperation is an innovation, which transcends the old pattern of political and military alliance and pursues partnerships rather than alliances,” Xi said. ” The BRICS mechanism surpasses the old mindset of zero-sum game and practices a new concept of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation,” he said.

China Focus: China proposes “blue economic passages” for maritime cooperation – Xinhua China has put forward plans for three ocean-based “blue economic passages” that will connect Asia with Africa, Oceania, Europe and beyond, in a bid to advance maritime cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative. The proposal was included in “Vision for Maritime Cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative,” which was released Tuesday by the National Development and Reform Commission and the State Oceanic Administration.

Full text: Vision for Maritime Cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative – Xinhua China on Tuesday released a document titled Vision for Maritime Cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative, to synchronize development plans and promote joint actions among countries along the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.

This Isn’t the COC You’re Looking For | Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative All of this means that next month, barring delays, the foreign ministers of China and ASEAN will agree to a list of vague aspirations that will look a lot like prior lists of vague aspirations reached over the last 15 years. Observers who put faith in this olive branch will be disappointed and a year will have been wasted, for everyone but China. While ASEAN claimants have been on their best behavior amid the framework discussions, China has continued to militarize its artificial islands and add new capacity to monitor, patrol, and project power throughout the South China Sea. When other claimants decide to try a different tack, they will find the environment more hostile to their interests and more skewed in favor of China than it was before the framework.

A place called ‘hope’: the tiny island on the frontline of US-China tensions–The Guardian Residents of Thitu do not understand much about how Philippine presidents have constantly shifted their strategies on dealing with China. But, living on the frontline of the dispute, they can measure the success or failure based on what they see. They see China turn reefs into cities while their runway in Thitu gets dilapidated over the years. The island doesn’t even have a pier or a harbour.

Why the U.S. Can’t Take Sides in South China Sea Sovereignty Disputes, Even Against China – Lawfare There is little doubt that the U.S. needs to change strategies if it is to achieve its goal of preventing Chinese military dominance of the South China Sea. I hope Ratner’s proposals are seriously considered by the new administration. But completely abandoning neutrality on sovereignty is going to lead to difficult diplomatic and legal consequences. Any new approach needs to keep this reality in mind.

Two Cardinal Sins of U.S. South China Sea Policy | Council on Foreign Relations – Ely Ratner a U.S. preference for non-militarization is not going to change China’s behavior unless it is backed up by clear and credible consequences for what the United States is prepared to do if China continues down the current path of transforming its artificial islands into advanced military bases…Simply seeking to lower tensions as a policy goal in and of itself has instead created a permissive environment for Chinese assertiveness and militarization.

U.S. pledge to Japan: Security overrides trade talks with China:The Asahi Shimbun National security interests of Asian allies will never be a bargaining chip for the United States in its push to get China to open up its market to American goods, says a top Trump administration official. The assurance was offered June 13 by Thomas Shannon, U.S. undersecretary for political affairs, during a visit to Tokyo.

军委机关银行账户和历年结余经费清理工作部署展开-中国搜索头条 撤并银行账户,清理结余经费,归拢账户资金,统一规范开支……军委机关及有关直附属单位银行账户和历年结余经费清理工作,今天部署展开。

General Officer Assignments > U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > News Release View Brig. Gen. Robert S. Spalding III, senior defense official and defense attaché-China, Defense Intelligence Agency, U.S. Embassy, Beijing, China, to senior director, strategic planning, National Security Council, Executive Office of the President, Washington, District of Columbia.

Where have all the grown-ups gone on China policy? | – Geoff Raby The challenge is to have a mature national discussion on how our foreign policy should be framed – free of glib quips about “frenemies” and the China threat hysteria in the media and security circles – so as to secure our interests in the evolving order by having an impact on the shape of it. It is time for adults to return the room. Geoff Raby is chairman of Geoff Raby and Associates

Why Is China Snatching Up Australian Farmland? : The Salt : NPR China has replaced the United States as the second-largest foreign owner of agricultural land in Australia. (The U.K. is No. 1.) Two years ago, Dakang, a private Chinese agricultural company, offered to buy Australia’s largest cattle ranch. The Kidman ranch makes up 2 percent of Australia’s farmland – it’s the size of South Carolina.

今年征兵全国推行网络版征兵体检管理系统 – 中华人民共和国国防部

统筹推进军民融合与“一带一路” – 《红旗文稿》2017/8  作者:沈雁昕

AnchorTech And Media

Chinese IT security examiner describes review process, clarifies status of Chinese government Windows edition – Transpacifica Core Security Examination Expert on Calls to Suspend Use of Windows 10 China Government Edition: At This Stage, Forcing a Switchover Is Not the Best Option Southern Metropolis Daily Original

Why ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ Soared in China While ‘Lego Batman’ Flopped – WSJ For a movie to make money in China, make it worthwhile to someone in China.

辱毛后毕福剑最新动态:北京企业任职_中国-多维新闻网 自从因辱毛事件离开中国央视后,毕福剑的去向一直受外界关注。最新消息称,毕福剑目前在一家马云投资的公司任职 // Comment: Bi Fujian, fired from CCTV for mocking Mao Zedong, has a new job in Beijing working for Youmi

Another University Headed to Xiongan New Area, This Time to Build 5G Center – Caixin Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunication will establish a 5G telecom network research center in Xiongan New Area, an economic powerhouse planned near Beijing.

Bargain-Lovers Flock to’s Midyear Shopping Bonanza – Caixin Internet-savvy bargain-lovers in China are usually busiest toward year-end, when Alibaba’s online shopping festival takes place, but the recent “6.18” midyear online sales event initiated by major rival looks set to catch up. Inc.’s fortnight-long summer shopping season, which takes place to celebrate the company’s anniversary on June 18, made a record $17.6 billion in sales during the first 18 days of the month, an increase of over 50% from the previous year, the company announced.

Do NOT Trust OnePlus 5 Benchmarks in Reviews – How OnePlus Cheated We are disappointed with OnePlus’ actions in this matter, and hope that OnePlus will, for the second time, remove the benchmark cheating code from their software. It is misrepresenting their phone to their customers, and is not the type of behavior that we like to see with devices as otherwise awesome as the OnePlus 3T and the OnePlus 5.

China Turns out in Force at Sunny Side of the Doc | China Film Insider Top Chinese broadcasters are attending one of the world’s most important documentary markets to sell their latest history and wildlife wares.

Chinese Social Media Stars Get Their Shot at Global Celebrity – Bloomberg BMG, the music division of European media giant Bertelsmann SE that’s worked with the Rolling Stones and Avril Lavigne, has begun a talent hunt on Momo Inc.’s live-streaming service, hoping to ferret out aspiring Chinese artists ready for the big time.

AnchorSociety, Art, Sports, Culture And History

Aspiring Architect Minecrafts Virtual Forbidden City The site of the in-game Forbidden City covers a square grid of 100 million blocks. Every facade of every building is a reflection of its real-life counterpart; every last detail in the home of 24 emperors over 500 years is in place.

Work by Chinese ink master sells for record US$50 million as good times roll in world’s biggest art market | South China Morning Post Price paid for Yellow Mountain by modernist Huang Binhong was more than seven times what it achieved when it last changed hands in 2011

German ambassador to China calls for release of bishop – AP Ambassador Michael Clauss said in a statement posted on the embassy’s website that Shao Zhumin appears to have been forced by authorities to move to unknown locations four times over the past year. Shao, who was recognized as a bishop by the pope but not by Beijing, now appears to be confined to his home.

故宫将为“农民捐宝人”举办追思会深度新京报网 Comment: The Beijing Palace Museum hods a memorial service for Henan farmer He Gang who in 1985 found and donated Yuan Dynasty items he found while digging a foundation for his house.

AnchorEnergy, Environment, Science And Health

China realizes world’s longest real-time transmission of deep-sea data – Xinhua During an expedition to the west Pacific at the end of last year, researchers with the Institute of Oceanology under the Chinese Academy of Sciences realized the real-time transmission of deep-sea data after improving the subsurface buoy observation network.


China cracks down on fake peer reviews : Nature  The Chinese government is going on the offensive against scientists who dupe journals by creating fraudulent reviews of submitted papers. A coalition of agencies led by the science ministry announced on 14 June that the government would suspend the grants of researchers involved in such fraud, which surfaced earlier this year when a cancer journal retracted 107 research papers from Chinese authors. And funding agencies in China promised to increase policing of the scientific community to prevent similar deceptions.


Red Dress Charity Run Attracts Online Controversy as Animosity Towards Expats Grows | the Beijinger As seen on the Things Beijingers Don’t Know Weibo account, numerous comments objected to the Red Dress Charity Run. People reacted to the photos with comments like: “Demons;” “Really despicable;” “One word: really (expletive) nauseating;” “They’re all so weird looking;” “Foreign bastards in China are an abomination against heaven;” and “Really (expletive) disgusting, takes ‘disgusting’ to a whole new level.” One person echoed a commonly-heard Chinese refrain about expats: “A large proportion of the foreigners that hang out in China are losers.”

AnchorJobs And Events

China Reality Check Event: Handicapping China’s Credit Risks | Center for Strategic and International Studies Wednesday, June 28, 2017 10:00 am – 11:30 am CSIS Headquarters

The Other Great Power: China in the Era of Trump – New America I an this panel tomorrow Wednesday Am in DC

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