Andy Xie Tells CNBC China Real Estate Market Will Not Crash

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

Andy Xie, one of the leading prophets of the China Bear movement, backed away from his previous calls that China’s real estate market will crash. But Xie, in a debate Wednesday on CNBC Asia with China Market Research Group head Shaun Rein, reiterated his forecast that the real estate market in China has peaked.

Andy Xie said around the 4:20 mark that the “property market has peaked; it is going down” but “it is not crashing like I expected in 2012 because the government now is not want my scenario to work out.” Xie had originally called for a crash before 2012 but then pushed it back.

Actually, the government has been pretty clear all along that they do not want the market to crash. In April PBOC adviser Li Daokui told Bloomberg that “The property market will not see price falls of 20 to 30 percent because that could ‘could lead to new social problems‘”.

If China’s real estate market doesn’t crash, how will things work out for China bears like Jim Chanos?

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