Curating News About China

I like sharing interesting news about China. I do it several ways, including through Twitter @niubi, my Google Reader shared feed, and my blogs. It can be hard to follow all of it, especially through Twitter, so thanks to the magic of WordPress plug-ins I also create daily posts of links to the most interesting China stories I have found.

I split the links into two categories. The Sinocism China Readings post covers general China stories (politics, economics, culture, foreign policy, etc.) with the occasional non-China piece I think is worth reading. The DigiCha China Digital Media Readings post covers stories on the Internet and digital media in China. Both posts are published late afternoon Beijing time; I am still trying to find the optimal time and suggestions are welcome.

You can access the daily summaries and any posts I have written in 3 ways- subscribe to the RSS feed, sign up for the daily email, or visit the sites directly. Click the relevant links below if you are interested:

Sinocism RSS

Sinocism Daily Email

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Digicha Daily Email

Thanks for reading, I hope I can be helpful, and the more we know about China the better.

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