China Readings for 2011-01-26

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Greed Said to Be Throwing Feng Shui Off Balance – #
  • U.S. Doubts China Gained Stealth Technology From Fighter Debris in Kosovo War – #
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  • $macro Dallas Fed: Yuan Rise Won’t Fix China-U.S. Gap – China Real Time Report – WSJ #
  • U.S. power unbeatable for decades: China MoFA official- Reuters barbarian management professional #
  • Restive Chinese city Urumqi to be under full surveillance – Yahoo! News #
  • U.S. says seeks "right time" for Taiwan arms sales – Yahoo! News say never? #
  • China ups minimum wages, as inflation persists – Yahoo! News #
  • Getting Into Harvard Easier Than McDonald's University in China – Bloomberg #
  • U.S. Man Gets 32 Years for Tech Sale to China – Defense News #
  • CMP Newswire – Ni Jinjie: Beijing Land Values Surpassing U.S. GDP a Misleading Non-Measure yes it is #
  • Mass relocation planned for Beijing's historic axis – GlobalTimes #
  • Greater Beijing? Beijing, Heibei, Tianjin May Start Urban Integration Plan | Sinocism would dwarf the guangdong plans #
  • China to create largest mega city in the world with 42 million people – Telegraph Guangdong #
  • Pomfret had "Andrei Chang" as key quote-Deconstructing John Pomfret's Article on Gates' China Visit And J-20 Flight #
  • Director Of Gory Chinese Rabbit Revolt Video "Just Venting" – China Real Time Report – WSJ #
  • "Kanwa Asian Defense Review is a one-man publication based in Vancouver" andrei chang = andrei pinkov? #
  • this true? who is this guy? Andrei Chang also known as Andrei Pinkov, Yihang Chang or simply PKF in different circles #
  • "Andrei Chang, Hong Kong-based editor of Kanwa Defense" any idea of qualifications? press quoting him left & right suddenly. good mktg? #
  • Family Feud Grips Stanley Ho Casino Empire – #
  • China Experts Dispute Stealth-Theft Claims – #
  • China’s Rise = Remilitarizing Japan? | The Diplomat #
  • More On The (Alleged) Telestone Technologies (TSTC) Fraud: Is The Wolf About To Shed Its Clothing? | zero hedge #
  • no statement in Chinese from Lang Lang on his Sina Weibo either. is he trying to have it both ways?????? #
  • no statement in Chinese from Lang Lang on his Sina blog. is he trying to have it both ways???_???? #
  • more proerty tax debate/ fist launch pilots or first pass a new law? ??????????????_21??? #
  • Even Before IPOs, Investors Carve Up Spoils_English_Caixin conneted PE firms "guaranteed" a good return. or trouble #
  • Air Force's new surveillance system for aerial drones not working as hoped gorgon stare has blind spots #
  • Bush White House Broke Elections Law, Report Says – shocker #
  • "Zero-Interest Policies as Hidden Subsidies to Banks"-goldman, jp Morgan et al still getting bailouts. Bonuses=theft #

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