China Readings for 2011-02-07

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Is Groupon trying to get kicked out of China before it even gets started? | Shanghaied Weblog Listen 2 @chijs #
  • Groupon Super Bowl Ad- Tibet ???????????????????up on Yoku, with Chinese subtitles #
  • Behind The Wall – A Tale of Two Commercials Tencent (excellent) and Groupon (stupid) ads #
  • Concrete evidence of China's naval ambitions-Telegraph "secretly built concrete aircraft carrier 4 pilot training" #
  • Groupon Super Bowl advert under fire | beyondbrics | #
  • China, men, purses: In China, alpha males carry designer purses – not new trend. cash bulky, convenient #
  • Charity @groupon promoting-Tibet Fund 4 Tibetans in exile. Can't c this helping Groupon China. tencent has mess 2 clean #
  • Resentment Finds Target In Ahmed Ezz-NYT Egypt’s Ire Turns 2 Confidant of Mubarak’s Son. another reminder for China #
  • China's economic invasion of Africa | World news | The Guardian #
  • curious if as part of their US expansion Tencent will run ads (tongue in cheek or not) about the destruction of Navajo and Hopi culture? #
  • Gore's Investment Firm Said to Start $500 Million Asian Fund – Bloomberg #
  • Groupon "Tibet" Super Bowl Ad stream on Sina Weibo ???? – this may get ugly #
  • China Builds Strategic Reserves of Rare-Earth Metals – #
  • / The Commodities note – Chinese corn imports forecast to soar #
  • Corn Prices To Soar As Chinese Imports Increase Ninefold Compared To Official Projections | zero hedge #
  • Internet is for revolution nice attack by Winer on Facebook, and re China plans. China not worth it 4 Facebook #
  • FT-Opinion – Beijing’s motives are often just pragmatic #
  • "Morozov urges the cyberutopians to open their eyes to the fact that the ­asocial pursuit of profit is what drives social media" #
  • "both Twitter and Facebook have refused to join the Global Network Initiative" #
  • NYT reviews @EvgenyMorozov 's “The Net Delusion,” says "brilliant and courageous book" book #
  • Koch brothers in Washington's Republican spotlight – name & shame Koch whore lackeys in media & pr #

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