China Readings for 2011-02-19

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • 2010 post but still relevant-Can China Successfully Build Soft Power Without A Global Internet Strategy? | Sinocism #
  • China's cultural power remains feeble: report CASS-"Annual Report On China's Cultural Soft Power Research (2010)," #
  • Black ops: how HBGary wrote backdoors for the government assume China poring over these emails 2 c what can b gleaned #
  • Global Times-Chinese Conventional Ballistic Missile with 4,000 km Range “Ready for Service” by 2015 Andrew S. Erickson #
  • New missile 'ready by 2015': Global Times – People's Daily Online says DF21-D already deployed in Army #
  • Taiwan Makes Case, Again, For U.S. Fighter Jets – Defense News #
  • Why Is the US Military Creating an Army of Fake People on the Internet? what to call US Wumao dang? #
  • Unexpectedly, Navy’s Superlaser Blasts Away a Record | Danger Room | China have one of these? #
  • Mut Read-Smart Dictators Don't Quash the Internet – China's Internet management may b smartest in world #
  • Business China-Poisoned Workers at Apple Supplier Forced 2 Quit 2 Claim Compensation "contradicting report by Apple" #
  • Sinica Podcast-Turmoil in Egypt and Groupon in China #
  • The Beijing Guide to Controlling Inflation _English_Caixin nice satire $macro #
  • Will Massive Debt Derail China’s High Speed Train Plans? – China Real Time Report – WSJ remember eurotunnel #
  • FT – China’s passion for property lacks the bubble factor $macro #
  • MoMA’s Documentary Fortnight Focuses on China – #
  • China’s high spirits unwanted abroad | beyondbrics | Baijiu for export #
  • Bronte Capital: China Agritech: more miracles in the plant #
  • Military to bolster its forces in Pacific – Washington Times adding Marines, working on AirSea Battle Concept #

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