China Readings for 2011-03-03

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Three Reasons The Government Is Unlikely To Shutdown Sina Weibo | DigiCha $sina #
  • Keso on y sina weibo wont be shut: 3. the government can use weibo to its advantage. #
  • Keso on y sina weibo wont be shut: 2. xsina weibo controlled by people govt trusts, risks from shutting gr8er than risks from not shutting #
  • Keso on y sina weibo wont be shut: 1. people need an outlet, and a visible one is safer than an invisible one #
  • keso on government wont shut sina weibo. agree ??????????????? – ????? | Playin' with IT – ????? | #
  • ‘Who’s on First?’ Finds a Home in Chinese Clubs – #
  • When Real Estate Brakes Ignore Reality_English_Caixin #
  • The tragedy of Zhao Wei-China Media Project good for bandurski for calling this out. far more interesting than flowers #
  • China’s Tier 2 property trap | beyondbrics | – #
  • / Media – Sina banks on microblogs in China #
  • China warns int'l media not to cover protest calls – Yahoo! News #
  • China Daily-Only 6 percent happy, survey finds huge untapped market for antidepressant makers #
  • Huntsman's path to White House starts in China – Yahoo! News has a video crew following him. 2012 ads in can? #
  • CapitaLand ?s China's Property Moves-WSJ "limits on purchases won't reduce prices; risk of creating pent-up demand" #
  • Former CEO of China Forestry Detained – #
  • Ex-DE Shaw, Goldman partners launch new China fund | Reuters #
  • inside facebok-Facebook’s Start-and-Stop Growth in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong – A Closer Look #
  • Chris Dodd shows how Washington works-Greenwald "only the very wealthy businesses can afford senators and congressmen" #
  • Arab Uprisings Put U.S. Lobbyists in Uneasy Spot – they pay well #

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