China Readings for 2011-03-19

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • former vice mayor of wenzhou ye jiren under investigation ???????? ?????????“???”_21??? #
  • CIC May Suffer Heavy Losses in Japan_English_Caixin #
  • china daily- China to launch first national water census #
  • sad 2 miss 1st beijing sandstorm of year-Sandstorm hits NW China, affects Beijing #
  • SEC Sues IBM Alleging China, Korea Bribes – 10m fine a joke. Wish they'd name who accepted the bribes #
  • If Banks Can Resume Dividends, Can the Fed Resume Normalized Rates? | The Big Picture & stop its financial repression? #
  • Nuclear Crisis in Japan Follows Decades of Faked Safety Reports, Accidents – Bloomberg #
  • Obama on presidential war-making powers – Glenn Greenwald – #
  • Balkinization-Bradley Manning, Barack Obama and the National Surveillance State #
  • Ex-Goldman Banker Behind WSJ 'Smear Campaign' Against Elizabeth Warren disgusting #
  • China’s Smaller Cities Lead Home Price Gain as Beijing, Shanghai Add Curbs – Bloomberg #
  • Negative Interest Rates: Eating Bitterness in China’s Financial System like fed robbing us savers 2 bailout banks #
  • Geithner: We Need Big Banks 2b Even Bigger @edharrisson means more $ 4 geithner when he joins gs/jpm/c as vice chairman #
  • Zheng Yun: How to Prevent Your Website from Getting Shut Down | China Digital Times (CDT) #

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