China Readings for 2011-03-22

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • China's Shrinking Labor Pool Creating 'Spoilt' Workers – CNBC by @shaunrein #
  • Scientists predict strong thirst for 'human milk' – People's Daily Online #
  • ??????????????????? new beijing rules bans sales of properties w illegal additions #
  • Rule breakers in frame during Wuhan's shame campaign #
  • IBM????? ?????“??”??_21??? on $IBM bribery in China. 10m fine a joke #
  • ??????????????_21??? every region in china wants high speed rail projects. big money #
  • China Tightens Electronic Censorship – #
  • Fed Will Release Bank Loan Data as Top Court Rejects Appeal – Bloomberg nice #
  • Why Doesn't China Want To Let the Dalai Lama Resign? – By Robert Barnett | Foreign Policy #
  • Chinese Shares Post Staggering Monthly Losses, Amidst Allegations of Fraud | iBankCoin Financial News Network #
  • Doug Liman 2direct Story of Sun Yat-sen Bodyguard-Hollywood Reporter lead investor galloping horse prepimg a share ipo #
  • The Onion: Facebook “Is Truly A Dream Come True For The CIA” (Video) #
  • Goldman Sachs Still Planning Principal Investments, (in china) – Bloomberg more tainted pork producers? #
  • you can't have true digital autarky while still allowing foreign funds 2 invest in your internet industry #
  • Radioactive Rain Starts, Japan Engages In Another Cover Up,Increases Decontamination Threshold Sixteenfold | zero hedge #
  • FT Lex-Chinese stocks in US succession of scandals has reawakened concerns over Chinese companies listed in the US" #
  • Bronte Capital: Starr Asia sues CCME and others #
  • imeigu runnimg a forum on value of sina weibo on april 2 in beijing ?????i??“?????????”?????_i?? #
  • POs planned for the week of Mar 21 (by Renaissance Capital) buyer beware w any rodman & renshaw chinadeals $cnpt ? #
  • ap-China takes hard line on activists, many missing used twitter to ????, and "snakes" now being caught? #
  • Income Gap As Image Problem: New Rules Limit Luxury Ads | China Hearsay time for spiritual pollution2.0 campaign? #
  • Julien FangCaoDi school accident ???????_oglauser_???? poor kid, poor family. school response predictably distressing #

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