China Readings for 2011-03-26

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Tsunami Risk Well Known to Nuclear Engineers, Regulators Who Failed to Act – Bloomberg #
  • Japan Ports Shunned by Shipping Lines Fearful of Radiation – #
  • Shanghai Scrap » Fact-checking the New York Times’ China Coverage [UPDATED] #
  • Watch: After Quake and Nuclear Crisis, Hong Kong Parents Hoard Japanese Baby Formula (Video) – WSJ #
  • film/tv producer beijing galloping horse raises @ 100m USD ????????????????????? Barings PE sells. A-share IPO on tap? #
  • Crowd-sourced realtime radiation monitoring in Japan | #
  • Garnaut on struggle between bo xilai and pla princelings in chongqing-Show them the money, old China | #
  • China Daily-Peking University's plan stirs ?s consultations 4 "troublesome students", incl those w "radical thoughts". #
  • meanwhile, China’s Baidu Rises to Record in U.S. on Report of New Products – Bloomberg #
  • han han goes afer baidu again, writes a letter to robin li, threatens 2 show up at $ bidu hq ??????????_??_???? #
  • Gillem Tulloch | LinkedIn analyst in the china ghost towns piece. his firm Forensic Asia #
  • SBS Dateline | China s Ghost Cities-bear porn, rehash of stories we have heard repeatedly. short away $macro #
  • Orient Paper To Re-Audit Fiscal Year 2008 Financial Results-Hebei, China, March 23, 2011 — $onp another fraud? #
  • U.S. says sanctions possible in China copyright spat China said it complied w "most measures at issue" only all ok #
  • Chinese vase frenzy: £500 vase sells for £11 million – Telegraph #
  • new sinica podcast on japan and the internet in china-Where did the Internet/salt go? #
  • han han trashes baidu over copyright violations. even says robin li's dad must be li gang. $bidu ?????????_?? #
  • The Jamestown Foundation: Defense and Deterrence in China’s Military Space Strategy #
  • SBS Dateline | China s Ghost Cities #
  • News Stream: Blog Archive – News Stream's Top 100 on Twitter: follow them… or else. #nscnn « – Blogs #
  • G.E.’s Strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether – #
  • GE, Leader in Tax Evasion, Pays Virtually No Tax Yet Got Bailed Out in Crisis « naked capitalism traitors? #
  • Can we tolerate Baidu’s “evil” stand on IP rights? – China Media Project authors more dangerous than musicians. $bidu #

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