China Readings for 2011-04-05

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • US Public schools woo Chinese students to boost ranks – Yahoo! News #
  • China artist's detention tests depth of crackdown – Yahoo! News #
  • Mobile, online & angry: rise of China's middle-class civil society? don't expect net revolution h/t @evgenymorozov #
  • How Slavery Really Ended in US-NYT #
  • so what leverage do foreign governments have 2 pressure china on human rights? sanctions? not a chance, all need china's money. #
  • china can and will act as it deems appropriate now, & there is nothing the outside world can do. world has changed, we better get used to it #
  • 2010 China reports on US human rights record h/t @averybooker wonder if will be annual #
  • X-Bush official Candi Wolff 2 head Citi's global lobby POLITICO no corruption here, move along, bash other countries #
  • Zambia Drops Case of Shooting by Chinese Mine Bosses – wonder how much they paid? #
  • Duoyuan Global CFO Park to Resign – TheStreet #
  • Burma: Work Begins On Bangladesh Rail Link « Eurasia Review part of Dhaka’s goal for better connectivity with China #
  • US urges China to release dissident Ai Weiwei Chinese govt believes can safely ignore US now, & point out hypocrisy #
  • U.S. Indicts Two Chinese Citizens For Trying to Obtain Military Microchips – Bloomberg #
  • Muddy Waters Initiating Coverage on DGW – Strong Sell | Muddy Waters Research $dgw #
  • Identifying Chinese Characters: Accounting Fraud Lawsuits Against Chinese Companies Surge : The D & O Diary #
  • Jon Huntsman, the rock 'n' roll years – Ben Smith and Kasie Hunt – check out that hair @kaiserkuo #
  • China Stops Ordering Japanese Scrap Steel on Radiation Risk, Umetal Says – Bloomberg #
  • Fang Binxing To College Graduates: “Meld Your Own Growth With The Progress of Your Country” | China Digital Times (CDT) #

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