China Readings for 2011-04-09

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Shake-Up Could Affect Tone of U.S. Policy on China – #
  • US State Department 2010 Human Rights Report: China (includes Tibet, Hong Kong, and Macau) #
  • Annual US State Department Report on human rights notes tightening of Internet freedoms – The Washington Post #
  • Fear and swagger drive China's clampdown on dissent | Reuters #
  • AsiaMedia :: China Fantasies 2007 review of China Fantasy #
  • China Halts Jeep Wrangler Imports on Safety Concern, Xinhua Says – Bloomberg #
  • Russian spy agency complains about Gmail, Skype | Reuters huge export opportunities for China #
  • Puda Coal, Inc: NYSE:PUDA blows up on accusation that it is another Chinese fraud #
  • Annals of C-suite dysfunction, Goldman Sachs edition | @FelixSalmon | #
  • Goldman's Alpha War | Business | Vanity Fair excerpts William Cohan's book #
  • The Jamestown Foundation: China’s Maritime Strategy Is More Than Naval Strategy #
  • The Jamestown Foundation: North African Revolutions and Protests Challenge Chinese Diplomacy #
  • Latest Alleged Chinese Fraud: PUDA Coal (NYSE: PUDA) – $2.66 Price Target, 70% Downside | zero hedge #
  • Commandos Hold Afghan Detainees in Secret Jails | Danger Room | #
  • Associated Press AP Exclusive: Terror suspects held weeks in secret #
  • German man charged with spying on Uighur exiles for China – Yahoo! News #
  • if facebook china jv rumor true, likely partners are alibaba, china mobile, sohu, baidu. china mobile might be an inspired choice #
  • Hu Yanping just replied 2 me on weibo that alleged Facebook China JV partner is NOT Sina $sina..wonder if rumors yesterday popped Sina $6? #
  • DCCI Website (Chinese) DCCI??????? ???? #
  • hu yanping founded china net researcher dcci, may have inside info, has 450k weibo followers, "facebook has china deal" news spreading fast #
  • internet analyst hu yanping says facebook deal 2 enter china,speculation partner may b $sina or tencent not $bidu ????? #
  • China Shuffles Oil Company Chiefs – #
  • US Support For 'Free Market' Capitalism Drops Below China, Brazil, Poll Finds US doesn't have 1 so how would we know? #
  • As China Grows, So Does Its Appetite for American-Made Products – #
  • Questions linger behind referee’s televised mea culpa – China Media Project #
  • Nitrite-tainted milk kills 3 children in China – Yahoo! News #

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