China Readings for 2011-04-11

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • China Daily-How to deal with inflation? Buy gold! Shoppers, retailer and miner say $gld #
  • Xi Jinping stresses development of strategic emerging industries so China can"take high ground in future world economy" #
  • China Aids Suriname, Expanding South American Role – #
  • “China is building a livestock and meat industry in five years that took the United States 50 years,” #
  • China Meat Binge Fuels Iowa-Sized Soybean Imports to Feed 689 Million Pigs – Bloomberg #
  • China Posts First Quarterly Trade Deficit in 7 Years – Higher Commodity Prices Hit Beijing's Trade Figures #
  • CFR-Party’s Never Over 4 Wu Bangguo example of distressingly weak US analysis of China politics. we need better #
  • "don't c so much difference bween the top leaders & security forces," says Chu Shulong of Tsinghua "1 Party, 1 group, share same concerns." #
  • hope misguided but common western China analyst construct of "reformers v hardliners" goes away. vry unlikely a chinese "gorbachev" in power #
  • China's Crackdown Signals Shift – ZYK driving or executing? think executing policy what they all want #
  • Insider Trading in China Thrives-Bloomberg of course. different than Pimco & TBTF US banks w Fed access? $macro #
  • China's Internet: Invisible Birdcage-DigiCha backround essay, some context 4 possible Facebook-Baidu deal $bidu $fbook #
  • CASS 10-“Foreign social networking sites have become tool 4 political subversion used by Western nations” $bidu $fbook #
  • 17 Chinese Tech Companies Shooting for US IPO in 2011 $macro #
  • chinese press reporting baidu insiders have confirmed facebook & $bidu have signed deal ???Facebook??????? ?????? #
  • The Prosecution Rests, but I Can’t – rule of law in america? #
  • The Washington Post's dependence on the government it covers – Salon US have free and independent mainstream press? #
  • Singapore Straits Times-Briton who drowned was sr bank exec Laowai working for Bank of China jumps from 7th floor bar #

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