China Readings for 2011-04-22

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Texas governor calls for prayers for rain amid fires | Reuters needs to rent china's rain artillery brigade #
  • seems like most on weibo support death sentence for yao jiaxin ???????????? #
  • How Internet Users Outwit Beijing's Censors – #
  • Investors Searching for Baidu's Next Chapter – ?s $bidu valuation #
  • Chinese Truckers Protest Over Costs – #
  • Sinica Podcast-China's Second Internet Bubble? $sina $yoku $bidu $sohu $qihu $dang / not really #
  • Shanghai's Auto Show: 'Rough Around the Edges' | China Blog | Marketplace from American Public Media #
  • PBOC Adviser Says Yuan ‘One-Off’ Revaluation Comment Taken Out of Context – Bloomberg $usd #
  • ????-??? ??????????????? #
  • ???????“???”???????? –????–??? #
  • News assistants in China: an invisible, important group – Blog – Committee to Protect Journalists #
  • Whole Foods Lawsuit Over Chinese Frozen Vegetables- Bberg grown in polluted region by prisoners,certified as organic #
  • Confucius statue move prompts online stir in China – maybe prepping square 4 ccp 90th anniversary celebration? #
  • re Chinese politics, ignore russell leigh moses, read experts like alice miller & joseph fewsmith #
  • Do or Die Time for Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao?-WSJ "wen wing of party"? more garbage from leigh moses. come on wsj #
  • Conclusions and First Go at Activism | CHINAYOUREN interesting/controversial thoughts on Ai Weiwei & Liu Xiaobo #
  • China's leader-in-waiting gives departing Huntsman thumbs up – Yahoo! News #
  • US sacrifices still mark APac strategy-GlobalTimes very interesting opinion piece, visited manila american cemetery #
  • Legal expert says yao jiaxin murder case not ideal symbol of campaign to abolish death penalty – GlobalTimes #
  • Chinese opera Madame White Snake awarded Pulitzer Prize in NYC – GlobalTimes #

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