China Readings for 2011-04-24

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Artist Challenges The Powerful-Free Ai Weiwei -Silicon Valley Watcher suggests banning web traffic from china 4 one day #
  • Chinese police detain Christians as dispute spills into Easter – Yahoo! News Beijing Shouwang Church. Not good #
  • ZST Digital Networks Unfolded-Seeking Alpha. another china fraud listed in us? $zstn h/t @maoxian #
  • China’s Current and Emerging Foreign Policy Priorities | Center for a New American Security on china-russia relations #
  • Two Schools in Afghanistan, One Complicated Situation – NYT nice take on mortenson by @comradewong , now in beijing #
  • Guantanamo Bay: How White House lost the fight 2 close it – Washington Post intrst details in here re uighur detainees #
  • Are China’s high-speed trains heading off the rails? – The Washington Post #
  • Political Reform And Leadership Splits In China read this if u think russell leigh moses makes sense on china politics #
  • CCTV slams Taobao 4 knowingly allowing sale of fake goods ?????????????????_??? about time #
  • Chinese Turn to Plastic Surgery in Growing Numbers – #
  • Obama speaks on Manning and the rule of law -Greenwald let's get as upset @ lack rule of law in US as we r re PRC #
  • Is Wen Jiabao Pushing the Envelope Again? | China Digital Times (CDT) more on russell leigh moses inanity..should blog #
  • China warns Britain over Libya advisers | Reuters dont want the brits to get all those abandoned china deals? #

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