China Readings for 2011-05-06

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

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$HRBN The Imaginary Bid and The All Too Real Numbers : The Financial Investigator harbin electric
Amazon: Run of the Red Queen: Government, Innovation, Globalization, and Economic Growth in China: Breznitz, Murphree
“Either Democratize or Don’t”: Netizens Respond to Hu Xijin’s “Path to Democracy” | China Digital Times (CDT)
Is the Chinese Listing Bubble Going Bust? – China Real Time Report – WSJ doesnt seem 2b
Special report: Can China’s billions spur the next big idea? | Reuters
Can China’s universities be saved? – China Media Project
China Digital Media Readings For 2011-05-06 | DigiCha
Sky News: Edible smartphone’s a hit Reuters TV visits @ccsweets in Beijing
As if the iPhone craze hasn’t gone too far already… | Beijingkids | edible iphone cookies, made by @ccsweets
chongqing sends in armed police to help workers get paid. ice pics ????????????? []__???? ??? ????? ?????? ?????
One in three Beijingers a migrant worker – People’s Daily Online
Tear gas, spike strips to be used on drunk drivers in Beijing – People’s Daily Online foreigners not exempt
SARFT denies ban on spy themed tv shows ??????????? -??-??????
These Bonds, Investors Say, Were Made in Hell holders cried foul when Sichuan govt pulled an asset transfer trick
China Daily-Great Wall forests scorched in blaze in Miyun, Beijing. Arson?
Beijing for Beijingers? On The New Housing And Car Purchase Restrictions | Sinocism 2.11
beijing 2 control population growth, raise barriers for outsiders to move here ??????????? ??“??”???
Zuckerberg Can Rest Easy at China’s Challenge: William Pesek – Bloomberg
Letter from China: Did a Chinese Oil Executive Consume $243,604 in Booze? : The New Yorker
southern weekend comment on their special farmers story [??]?????“????”????????? [????]__???? ??? ????? ?????? ?????
Southern Weekend expose on special farms for government agencies (not just sr leadership) ???? – “??”??
Shanghai courts rule x-girlfriend of American man entitled to RMB67ok from apartment – her name on deed ht @maoxian
Bank of America Had Perfect Trading Period in Quarter still think markets not rigged/fed not doing backdoor bailouts? – Carlyle faces questions over China investments i wouldn’t assume “carelessness”
SEC Steps In To Bail Out Chinese IPO Bubble, Activates Short Sale Rule 201 In Plummeting RenRen | zero hedge $renn
Senator Asks Baidu’s Robin Li About Censorship, Facebook – @GadyEpstein – Forbes
Congressional Research Service-China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities (PDF)
sen durbin’s letter to baidu hits the chinese press ?????????? ??????????
China to Curb Public Appearances by Justice Officials_English_Caixin
Chairman Mao’s Mangoes
Could mistrust between US and Pakistan be opportunity for China? – CSMonitor helicopter pieces could b new mangoes
China Daily-China issues guidelines for resolving social conflicts
now that Osama Bin Laden is dead will US redeploy some of that portion of budget to address China’s rise?
CRS: “China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities—Background and Issues for Congress”
Beijing’s population tops 19.6 mln, migration key contributor to growth – People’s Daily Online
Self Magazine China on Carol and CCSweets. Nice pic of her and the twins ????????????????_????_SELF???