China Readings For 2011-05-24

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • How Taiwan is benefiting economically from recent thaw in ties with China – #
  • Facebook to assemble global team of ‘diplomats’ – San Jose Mercury News #
  • / Asia-Pacific – Taliban raid triggers Pakistan shockwave mullahs w nukes bad for China 2 #
  • The start of the Chinese frauds great read via @maoxian #
  • In China’s Wild West, A ‘Black Gold’ Rush Takes Shape – Yahoo! News oil in Xinjiang #
  • here are the analysts who cover Longtop, with their email addresses–Investor Relations – Longtop Group $lft #
  • transcript for April 28 Longtop conference call responding to Citron allegations $lft how many lies can we spot? #
  • China Drives Porsche to Record – Bloomberg #
  • has been hacked. working on it. Apologies. HaCkEd By Sy-soldier #
  • bio for other expat longtop director tom gurnee | $xin cfo now #
  • since shares same space as, digicha blog down as well, even though not hacked. apologies. no eta for either #
  • Calculating the Coming Slowdown in China – NYTimes a sensible piece, to the chagrin of the binary China bears $macro #
  • clusterstock-Why Hedge Fund Titan Jim Chanos Is Wrong About China $macro #
  • RT @mranti: Han Han blogs on Three Gorges Dam. RT @akid_: ???????????? #
  • on xianghe: CMP Newswire: Bai Yansong on CCTV: National Rural Policies a Shield for Thieving Local Officials #
  • Site Hacked, Working on Restoration for Sinocism and Digicha » Sinocism #
  • From China, an end run around U.S. tariffs – The Washington Post by moving production to other Asian countries #
  • by @shaunrein Why China Needs to Keep Building – CNBC #

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