China Readings For 2011-05-31

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Alibaba Group No Longer Controls Alipay Via VIE Structure #
  • China accounting blog-Deloitte's Problems in China 3 failures in one year #
  • Can Tencent Weibo Threaten Sina Weibo? | DigiCha $sina #
  • hope foreign art critics and collectors start recognizing Zhao Bandi for the xenophobic, opportunistic scammer that he become #
  • WPR Article | The New Rules: Why the U.S. Should 'Give' Af-Pak to China good piece by tom barnett #
  • American "panda" movie stirs controversy among Chinese moviegoers #
  • / Media – China TV struggles to break free of state no mention of online sites like $yoku $kutv qiyi #
  • / China – Beijing steps up TV censorship #
  • many on weibo r mocking zhao bandi and his boycott call. maybe foreign art collectors r dumb, but weibo'ers not so much #
  • zhao bandi's weibo calling 4 boycott kungfu panda 2. one can only hope pandas get 72 zhao bandi's in heaven 赵半狄的微博 #
  • 人大代表参选第三波:改变从一张选票做起_21世纪网 #
  • a little more on the 300k/m apartment in beijing 30万天价楼盘拷问铁腕调控_21世纪网 #
  • 没人能看懂鄂尔多斯_21世纪网 #
  • zonaeuropa-Knock-Out Drug Robbery In Beijing Metro? #
  • But we should all boycott Zhao Bandi and his garbage "art" and xenophobic and offensive pr stunts #
  • call 4 boycott of kungfu panda 2 a pathetic pr stunt. they only produce crap animation, if they had decent product 6.1 they'd push it hard #
  • more of Zhao Bandi and his "art" | | 中国艺志 #
  • some of the garbage zhao bandi produces, sells as "art" ZHAO Bandi (6) #
  • zhao bandi, head of beijing film academy call 4 boycott of kungfu panda 2 on children's day 在北京电影学院联名倡议: 孩子“六一”不看《功夫熊猫2》 #
  • Forum denounces economist Mao Yushi – China Media Project #
  • Mao more than ever | Jottings from the Granite Studio xclnt post #
  • #China Digital Media Readings For 2011-05-30 | DigiCha #internet #
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