China Readings For 2011-06-19

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Executive Pay vs. Companies’ Other Costs – #
  • "income disparity in United States..has reached levels not seen since the Great Depression" & w all those guns. glad we are a peaceful folk #
  • (Not) spreading the wealth-Washington Post is rate of change of gini coefficient greater in China or in USA? #
  • With executive pay, rich pull away from rest of America – The Washington Post What i US gini coefficient? #
  • Not Enough Sauce: China Crowns Hot Dog-Eating Champion WSJ another win for Nathan's PR person #
  • China 2 curt luxury goods import tax? 奢侈品关税有望下调_21世纪网 this will hurt lots of small importers,good 4 consumption #
  • Chinese Law and Politics Blog: Position: Intern, Congressional-Executive Commission on China #
  • Laurence Graff Sees Demand 4 Big Diamonds in China NYT don't wear them in Guangdong if u want 2 keep ur fingers #
  • Robert Gates Weary of 'Wars of Choice' NYTimes 2 bad he didn't grow weary earlier,b4 we had ceded so much 2 PRC #
  • Oil Giants Coddled Qaddafi, Lobbied On His Behalf – Bloomberg #
  • Oil Giants Coddled Qaddafi, Lobbied On His Behalf – Bloomberg then turned on him. How did China "lobby" him? #
  • 4KM of dead fish in the Grand Canal by Beijing 京杭运河通州段死鱼绵延4公里 pics #
  • cangnan, zhejiang, officials get 1st dibs on subsidized housing, 1 resident jumps of bldg 浙江苍南保障房官员优先 无房拆迁户跳楼自杀 #
  • Li Na, a singular lady leading China's long march to glory | Sport | The Observer #
  • new beijing subway so overcrowded city may raise ticket prices during rush hour 北京地铁高峰平峰拟实行差别票价 引导乘客错峰出行 #
  • China Daily-Yacht Expo kicks off in Dalian-pics yacht show babes rival auto show babes #
  • $$ Key partner casts doubt on Sino-Forest claim – The Globe and Mail there r people who think not a fraud? #
  • China orders recall of Glaxo drug used to treat infections in children-augmentin – Yahoo! News #
  • Even Short Sellers Burned by Chinese Shares – hard to short, expensive when halted #
  • 投资移民之后:中国私人财产的全球性流动_21世纪网 核心提示:企业家们开始关心如何通过投资移民,将自己的财富分散到全球市场,以获得良好的投资回报。@vshih2 #

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