China Readings For 2011-07-25

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Top China IPO Arranger Guosen Challenges Goldman With Hong Kong Expansion – Bloomberg good luck #
  • Police detain professor over 'lean meat' additive|Society| clenbuterol not going away #
  • 21CBH going after railway corruption,looks at background of execs of supplier of system that may have failed 世纪瑞尔高层来头不小 #
  • China and Iran plan oil barter – #
  • Zhang Xin says she does not see a real estate bubble in China. she admits her bias, may be wrong, but her points worth listening to #
  • 134 beijing listings on Airbnb #
  • Charlie Rose interviews SOHO China CEO Zhang Xin $macro #
  • Clinton Assures China on U.S. Debt-Ceiling – Bloomberg how can she? #
  • Threat to Japan’s Food Chain Multiplies as Radiation Spreads – Bloomberg #
  • Reading the VIE Tea Leaves | China Hearsay #
  • interesting/hopeful piee from china youth daily on time to use internet to force reforms 中国青年报:用网络倒逼改革的时候到了_新浪网 #
  • Xinhua Insight: Alipay case shows VIE structure may not be safe anymore $$ #
  • The Alipay Warning « Silicon Hutong China net stocks rebounded nicely, not pricing in this risk $$ #
  • Former Deputy Chairman of Inner Mongolia to be Charged with Corruption – Economic Observer News- #
  • Watch: Passengers (bodies) fall out of toppled train carriage in Wenzhou – Shanghaiist #
  • Cyberwar Hysteria Aids Consultants and Hurts U.S. Security: Susan Crawford – Bloomberg #
  • 追尾责之辩:为何上海铁路局长“就地免职” – 经济 – 21世纪网 #
  • “@ChinaDailyUSA: China 2 offer scholarships 2 Americans studying abroad” who then probly can't get security clearances #
  • A股创业板上市公司世纪瑞尔(300150)beijing century real technology, listed on growth board in shenzhen, may be hit hard #
  • 21 cbh looks at some of the companies in china high speed rail. expect some stock collapses 中国高铁血色产业链 – 21世纪网 #
  • pan yiheng was killed, impaled on the brake stick (??/ 闸把) D301次司机坚守岗位紧急制动 胸口被闸把穿透_新闻_腾讯网 #
  • conductor of the train that rear ended stalled train being called a hero D301次司机坚守岗位紧急制动 胸口被闸把穿透_新闻_腾讯网 #
  • Death on the High Speed Rail | ChinaGeeks | analysis and translation of modern China #
  • 人民日报-人民网 “提速先锋”李东晓(时代先锋) 12。2010 PD article on train speed focus that is getting around weibo #
  • Reverse Mergers Give Chinese Firms a Side Door to Wall St. – #

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