China Readings For 2011-07-27

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • what is best translation for 铁盗部, as ministry of railways 铁道部 is now called on weibo? ministry of iron pirates? ministry of iron thieves? #
  • Amazon: Protest w Chinese Characteristics: Demonstrations, Riots, and Petitions in the Mid-Qing Dynasty: Ho-fung Hung #
  • U.S. Navy Sub Force Sets Future Priorities | AVIATION WEEK #
  • Confucianism and political dissent in China | East Asia Forum #
  • J-20: Stealth Fighter or Bomber? | Flashpoints #
  • Railway Signaling Contractor Remains Silent_English_Caixin #
  • fallout from land scandal in Xianghe, Hebei, just next to Beijing-Vanke Returns Villa Site_English_Caixin #
  • epidemic of fake foreign diplomas among sr chinese managers 杜邦中国集团公司等200多企业高管买山寨洋文凭_消费也理财-曝光台_新浪财经_新浪网 #
  • 南方周末 – 香河圈地案:“合法”买来的地退回去了 more on the real estate mess in xianghe, hebei #
  • Taiwan army officer sentenced in spy case – how much damage was done 2 US? #
  • Russia rail: wary of the Chinese | beyondbrics – #
  • LA researcher Citron Research is scourge of Chinese companies – #
  • curious past of an adviser to emerging Chinese companies @HerbGreenberg on Benjamin Wey almost 5 yrs ago – MarketWatch #
  • Made in China, undone in America – FT-on benjamin wey and RTOs anderlini should have talked to @herbgreenberg #
  • Carson Block homes in on weak points in the system – #

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