China Readings For 2011-07-29

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Chinese Banks Can Sustain a 50Pct Drop in Property Prices: CCTV #
  • Drunk driving earns Shanghai expat jail time – Shanghaiist idiot. at least his chinese may improve h/t @maoxian #
  • China Should Buy US Equities Instead of Treasuries, Economist Xie Says -Bloomberg y is what Xie says considered news? #
  • China Regulator Said to Tell Banks Provisions for Bad Loans Are Inadequate – Bloomberg #
  • show that got cctv producer wang qinglei fired [视频]24小时(20110725)_新闻台_中国网络电视台 #
  • 485 Million Netizens Strong: The Demographics of China’s Internet Rise [CNNIC Report] #
  • China's New Leftists& the China Model Debate after the Financial Crisis | Center 4 Strategic and International Studies #
  • Caixin-Geopolitics at a Mongolian Mine trying 2 divide a coking coal mine among Chinese, Russian and American interests #
  • Han Han: “The Derailed Country” | ChinaGeeks | analysis and translation of modern China #
  • China Daily-Carrier set for maiden voyage #
  • N.Korean exports plummet with S.Korea, jump twofold with China : North Korea : Home #
  • Martin Currie axes star manager in China crisis – Business #
  • Shanghai-based Chris Ruffle Replaced as Manager of Martin Currie China Funds After Probe – Bloomberg insider trading? #
  • AFP: China to censor outspoken crash coverage: analysts #
  • Chinese internet companies: An internet with Chinese characteristics | The Economist #
  • 温家宝解释为何第6天到现场:我生病了 11天在病床上-《财经网》 #
  • Sina boosts microblog in social network push – #
  • In Secret, Senate Panel May Re-Up Vast Surveillance Dragnet-Wired what constitution? this what t party shouldb fighting #

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