China Readings For 2011-08-03

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • China Warns Neighbors on S China Sea-NYT making friends everywhere. gr8 opportunity 4 US. will Tea Party fuck it up? #
  • Straits Times-Lai Changxing – no ordinary fugitive fascinating analysis of what Lai's return may mean for 2012 #
  • China begins to build its own aircraft carrier – Washington Times #
  • Information Dissemination: Aircraft Carrier Construction Well Underway in China #
  • Egypt: Trial Of Former President Hosni Mubarak Set To Begin In Cairo | Sky News wonder how china will report this #
  • Goldman sells $479 million worth of ICBC shares for client | Reuters rumored seller is american express $axp. buyer? #
  • Biggest-ever series of cyber attacks uncovered, U.N. hit | Reuters #
  • Enter the Cyber-dragon | Culture | Vanity Fair long September VF piece on hacking, assumed to be by China #
  • Operation Shady RAT—Unprecedented Cyber-espionage Campaign and Intellectual-Property Bonanza-Vanity Fair says China #
  • Costly Drone Is Poised to Replace U-2 Spy Plane – #
  • China's Rail Disaster and the 'Great Leap Forward' Mentality | China Debate #
  • China Beach-house boom Global Times #
  • Politics in the age of the microblog-China Media Project doesn't sound like any intention 2 shut $sina or tencent weibo #
  • 微博时代官员学说话何尝不是一种作风转变–时政–人民网 #
  • China media urges officials to speak to web users – Yahoo! News #
  • Guinness Atkinson Funds – Renminbi Yuan & Bond Fund #
  • Chinese agency warns of U.S. debt downgrade – #
  • source for "executed on the spot" 中国新疆喀什政府信息网 2011年8月1日下午,负案在逃的买买提艾力·铁力瓦尔地、吐逊·艾山在喀什市郊,被我公安机关在实施抓捕中就地正法。 #

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