China Readings For 2011-08-07

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Internet Evolution: The War on Web Anonymity – SPIEGEL China needs real name Internet. no anonymity from police already #
  • Huntsman 2.0's Latest Body Blow: Is Mitt Romney A Manchurian Candidate? | TPMDC takes one to know one? #
  • China state paper says U.S. debt downgrade a warning bell | Reuters #
  • 2010–Clinton Fundraiser McAuliffe Seeks $1B for Greentech Autmotive -GigaOm what a messy history #
  • China Hopes to Bolster the Credentials of a Handpicked Lama – #
  • Anyone know who the investors are in McAuliffe's Greentech Automotive? strangely absent from web site #
  • Can McAuliffe run a business as well as he can manipulate the political system? Wonder if Wade's political ties enough 2 succeed in China? #
  • Nice political move. Rick Wade was a senior aide and spokesman for Commerce Secretary Gary Locke until May 27. Locke now Ambassador to China #
  • Greentech Automotive – Rick Wade as the Senior Vice President & Head of China Operation #
  • the original wang jisi piece in chinese 王缉思:20年内美国仍是唯一超级大国_评论_环球网 韬光养晦? #
  • Wang Jisi: America Will Still Be The Only Superpower For The Next 20 Years #
  • during restoration b4 olympics i heard from antiques dealer folks that u could by old stones/wood that were being replaced in Forbidden City #
  • 故宫还有“几道门” – 商业 – 21世纪网 palace museum in deeper and deeper mess. wonder if there is corruption there… #
  • The Hindu: “People want justice” on cultural revolution's first victim, and the struggle to preserve fading memories #
  • Green Tech Automotive–Management #
  • Former DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe to announce electric car venture in China – The Washington Post #
  • Commentary:After historic downgrade,US must address its chronic debt problems|chinadaily how r those local debts doing? #
  • Sinica-The China Rock Podcast #
  • Garnaut- Bo Xilai paints the town [Chongqing] red, invokes Mao and jails gangsters #
  • 近忧远虑 美国信用评级遭降意味着什么?_财经频道_新华网 #
  • Crises everywhere, but one to watch is China … and its pork prices Garnaut #
  • Dozens Killed as NATO Helicopter Shot Down in Afghanistan – NYT night mission. special operators? afghaninam #
  • Court Denies Motion to Dismiss in First Opinion Issued in Chinese Reverse Merger Securities Fraud Cases #

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