China Readings for February 7th

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Wealth gap survey to be published|Economy| – Urban and rural income surveys will be standardized amid plans to publish an internationally accepted measure of how wealth is distributed, a leading statistician said.
    “The nationwide survey, which will provide basic data for China’s Gini coefficient calculation, will cover about 140,000 urban and rural households, and the gathering and use of data will conform to international standards,” Xie Hongguang, deputy chief of the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), said.。。
    The integrated urban-rural income data is scheduled to be published in 2013 to pave the way for the publication of a national Gini coefficient that can measure income inequality, Xie said.
  • China tells US to stop groundless accusations|Politics| – China on Monday asked the United States to abandon its “Cold War mentality” and cease making groundless accusations against China, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said.
    Spokesman Liu Weimin made the remark at a daily press briefing when commenting on an annual national security threat assessment report delivered by the US government.
    The report stated that China has invaded American computer networks on a large scale, stolen intellectual property and conducted economic espionage. The report also named Chinese intelligence agencies as the biggest threat to the US in relevant fields for the next few years.
  • China Plays the Goodwill Card Ahead of Official’s Visit: The Ticker – Bloomberg – The Chinese are beginning to be predictable. China today agreed to allow Citigroup Inc. to issue credit cards in its own name, and without a Chinese partner, to domestic consumers. The decision may signal that Beijing finally is ready to open its banking industry.
    Or not. The more cynical interpretation is that China is making nice ahead of next week’s visit to the U.S. of Vice President Xi Jinping, likely to become the next general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party. Another interpretation is that the move is a cave-in to a U.S. complaint to the World Trade Organization that China was in violation of an agreement to let foreign companies issue their own bank cards in China.
  • AFP: China’s heir apparent bigger than Pope: Iowa governor
  • 全国器官移植分配系统面临利益阻力考验_新闻中心_新浪网
  • 我国礼品消费年需求近8千亿 部分送礼涉嫌洗钱_新闻中心_新浪网
  • 礼品回收灰色产业链:网上生意红火竞争激烈_互联网_科技时代_新浪网
  • 互联网地图整肃风起:联通被约谈 谷歌过关存疑_互联网_科技时代_新浪网
  • 研讨吴英案:律师和学者存分歧 – 宏观 – 21世纪网
  • 360应用被集体下架 苹果掀“打黑风暴” – 产经 – 21世纪网
  • 温州金融资本出海记:林春平详解收购美国银行 – 金融 – 21世纪网 – 林春平认为,此番对大西洋银行的收购,能完成对温州商人传统金融模式的突破。
  • McKinsey: What’s In Store For China in 2012? – Council on Foreign Relations – Gordon Orr, a director in McKinsey Quarterly’s Shanghai office, offers a forecast for growth in China this year: Despite food price inflation and a stagnant housing market, he writes, China should maintain a rapid rate of growth.
  • China’s ‘Sunshine’ Trusts Miss Hedge-Fund Slump as Assets Triple – Businessweek– Wealthy Chinese investors are turning to “sunshine” private trusts, the prototypes of hedge funds in the communist nation, as the property market cools, stocks slump and bank-deposit rates fail to match inflation.China’s private trust-fund assets tripled to 138.3 billion yuan ($22 billion) in the 18 months to Sept. 30, according to the most recent data from the China Trustee Association, while global hedge-fund assets have stalled at around $2 trillion. The sunshine funds are exempt from some rules placed on Chinese mutual funds, even as limitations such as a ban on short selling means they can’t operate as hedge funds in the same way managers in Hong Kong, London and New York can.
  • China’s Role In JSF’s Spiraling Costs | AVIATION WEEK
  • Did Chinese Espionage Lead to F-35 Delays? | Defense Tech– Did Chinese cyber spying cause the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter’s cost spikes and production delays? That’s the question Pentagon budget officials are asking according to Aviation Week.Chinese spies apparently hacked into secure conference calls and listened to meetings discussing the classified technologies aboard the jets. In particular, China may have stolen info about the F-35’s secure communications and antenna systems; leading to costly software rewrites and other redesigns to compromised parts of the plane.

    The worst part, this problem isn’t just limited to the F-35, though the program’s size and the fact that it’s information systems were apparently designed without any concern for cyber espionage made it an easy target.

  • Tea Leaf Nation | Making sense of China through social media
  • How China Ate Android – Forbes– After strong gains in Europe and China, the Chinese vendors are now going to attack the US smartphone market in 2012. Squeezed between Apple and Samsung at one end, the Chinese low-cost vendors at the other, mid-tier vendors may be about to demolished. LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony – their bad 4Q11 performances are just a prelude to a devastating 2012. It would not be surprising if Google opts to wind down Motorola’s handset operations sometime over the next two years and Sony bails out entirely.ZTE and Huawei demonstrated in the UK market last year just how little brand loyalty consumers have when they see a white label smartphone undercutting second-tier brands by 30-60%. We are likely to witness a US sequel to this phenomenon this year. Globally, the industry could well witness smartphone ASP erosion that is substantially faster than projected.
  • Internet giants remove content after India court warning | Reuters – Internet giants Google Inc and Facebook removed content from some Indian domain websites on Monday following a court directive warning them of a crackdown “like China” if they did not take steps to protect religious sensibilities.
  • ‘Buffett of China’ faces nation’s priciest divorce |– The messy break-up of investment guru Zhao Bingxian , known as China’s Warren Buffett, and his wife of more than two decades is being described as the mainland’s most expensive divorce.Zhao’s wife, Lu Juan, has been waging a long battle for half the family’s assets, valued at more than 2 billion yuan (HK$2.5 billion) – mostly from the 49-year-old businessman’s China Capital Investment Group, where he is chairman and president, and which has stakes in listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

    Lu has accused him of domestic abuse and having extramarital affairs, the Beijing Morning Post says. She is seeking an equal split of the family assets after the divorce and full custody of their 23-year-old daughter and nine-year-old son…
    Divorces have the potential to hurt a tycoon’s businesses. Last May, the bitter divorce of Gary Wang Wei, the founder of mainland online video company, and Yang Lei derailed a planned initial public offering on Nasdaq. The IPO proceeded three months later.

    Similarly, a US IPO planned by mainland classified website was hampered by the divorce of founder Yang Haoran. The case has been deadlocked for two years, with wife Wang Hongyan accusing him of transferring Ganji shares without her knowledge during their marriage

  • 郭明义:从普通工人到有480万“粉丝”的网络明星-中新网 – 中新社鞍山1月29日电 (孙林)1月29日大年初七,辽宁省鞍山市遭遇零下15度的冷空气袭击,在通往鞍钢矿业公司齐大山铁矿采场的路上,早早地就出现了郭明义的身影。
  • IMF: Europe could hit China, hard | beyondbrics | News and views on emerging markets from the Financial Times –
  • 沈阳劫案细节曝光:20名武警人手两枪对战劫匪_新闻_腾讯网
  • Sohu Profit Declines as Acquisition Costs Erode Earnings From Advertising – Bloomberg – Fourth-quarter net income was $25 million, or 65 cents a share, from $41.5 million, or $1.07, a year earlier, the Beijing-based company said in a statement today. This compared with the $48.7 million average of seven analysts’ estimates compiled by Bloomberg. Sales rose 42 percent to $246 million from $173.2 million.
    Sohu’s results included a $27.5 million impairment charge on acquisitions, according to the statement. The Chinese company also forecast revenue this quarter that missed analysts’ estimates by as much as 8.8 percent. First-quarter revenue may rise to between $219 million and $225 million. This compares with the $240 million average of eight analysts’ estimates.
  • 去哪儿网指责携程操纵舆论 已启动法律程序-搜狐IT – funny accusations by qunar against ctrip considering past actions
  • $800 Million Chinese Fund to Back Film Projects –– i highly doubt the 800m is in place. do your due diligenceSun Media Group, founded by Bruno Wu, who is often compared to Mr. Murdoch, and his wife, Yang Lan, sometimes likened to Ms. Winfrey, is joining Harvest Fund Management to create an $800 million fund that will back entertainment ventures in China and around the world, company executives said Saturday. “The goal is pretty straightforward; it’s to make a maximum return, of course, for the investors,” Mr. Wu said of the enterprise, which is aimed at a booming Chinese market for global film. He and Lindsay Wright, the vice chairman of a Harvest global investment unit, spoke jointly by telephone.
  • How to prevent Google from tracking you | How To – CNET
  • 温家宝:没有程序民主就无实质民主 – 宏观 – 21世纪网 – 破解难题要靠改革开放——温家宝总理就政府工作在广东听取基层群众意见。
  • Tour bus smashed by tigers as gatekeeper enjoys supper — Shanghai Daily– A BUS carrying 27 visitors to a wild animal zoo in an eastern city was attacked by a group of enraged Bengal tigers and left fearing for their lives for 20 minutes as the gatekeeper of the tiger zone was out for supper.Around five adult tigers bit into the bus’ tires and smashed the bus with their paws on Saturday afternoon, breaking its windows, according to the Paomaling Wild Animal Zoo in Jinan, capital of Shandong Province.
  • Debbie Spenditnow | Hold Debbie Stabenow accountable for reckless spending – Hoekstra’s racist ad. Who is the Asian-American actress? She should be named and shamed as well
  • China bars its airlines from paying EU carbon tax – Yahoo! News – China announced Monday it will prohibit its airlines from paying European Union charges on carbon emissions, ratcheting up a global dispute over the cost of combatting climate change.
  • Avoiding civil war in Syria|Editorials| – When China joined hands with Russia on Saturday to veto an Arab-European draft UN resolution backing an Arab League plan to promote a regime change in Syria, its stance was consistent with its approach to international issues.
  • Truth, lies and Afghanistan – February 2012 – Armed Forces Journal – Military Strategy, Global Defense Strategy
  • Army Colonel Challenges Pentagon’s Afghanistan Reports –
  • China defends Syria veto in People’s Daily article | World news | – State paper denies giving ‘free rein’ to Bashar al-Assad’s crackdown and points to UN mandate ‘abused’ in Libya by Nato
  • 中国在慕尼黑重申和平发展决心–国际–人民网
  • John McCain Ruffles Beijing’s Feathers By Suggesting ‘The Arab Spring Is Coming To China’– MUNICH, Germany, Feb 4 (Reuters) – U.S. Senator John McCain warned China’s Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun on Saturday that “the Arab Spring is coming to China” and highlighted the number of Tibetans burning themeselves to death in his country.Zhang, speaking with McCain on a panel at the high-level Munich security conference, dismissed his comments about a looming Chinese Arab Spring as “no more than fantasy” and condemned foreign interference in Chinese internal affairs.
  • 垃圾债开闸在即 备案即可发行 – 市场 – 21世纪网 – 近期频发的风险事件说明,中国债券市场的动荡性和风险性将成常态,高收益债的开闸,可能将许多实际上的“垃圾债”打回原形。
  • 投机主义绅士路金波_网易女人 – 随后几年,讨论理财成为他们之间常有的话题。因为《光荣日》、《他的国》等12本书,路金波4年内共付给韩寒约1700万元人民币,可就在2009年下半年某一天,韩寒开着跑车前来谈合作,嚷嚷着又没钱了——卡里只剩150块钱,打算全取出来,提款机还不能取50的。路金波这样解释韩寒4年花掉1000多万的高超本领:“他买套房,给他爸妈买套房,他妈妈买张床也要17万;5、6个女友一人一张信用卡;今天买辆跑车,半个月后不喜欢了,折价卖掉……”
  • Iran’s intelligence penetrates the wall of China– Iran is busy with its maneuvers on numerous fronts. With regards to America, it is flexing its military muscles, dazzling the naïve, and providing fuel for its trainees waiting to carry out its deeds. As for Russia, Iran feigns that relations between the two countries are “cordial”, for at least they meet in the Syrian trench, although each has its own goal. However, at present, Iran’s main emphasis is on China.Iran’s stance towards China is very interesting: on the one hand Iran is furious at China’s cooperation with some of the sanctions imposed upon Iranian banks, but on the other hand China still holds the “key” to the effectiveness of the international sanctions. Besides, Iran believes that China and Russia are striking a balance between the mounting pressure of the US and its Western partners, and extending economic relations with Iran as protection against international sanctions. Hence, Iran is also striving to develop greater ties with China through alluring oil deals. However, the West has noticed that China, which imports 11 percent of its oil from Iran, has cut its imports during the past two months, yet it is not known whether China has sought to diversify its oil supply, or whether it is still seeking to purchase Iranian oil but on better terms.
  • 非法象牙借道红木家具走私全国 – 新京报网 – ivory smuggling ring busted in guangxi
  • China’s new rockets expected to debut within five years: scientist – Xinhua |– BEIJING, Feb. 5 (Xinhua) — China’s new generations of the Long March rocket family, Long March-5, -6 and -7 are expected to make their maiden flights in the next five years, a rocket scientist has said.Yu Menglun, also academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said in a recent interview that China has sought to develop non-toxic, low-cost, highly reliable, adaptable and safe carrier rockets in its research of the new generation products.

    Long March-5 rocket will be using non-toxic and pollution-free propellant. It has a maximum low Earth-orbit payload capacity of 25 tonnes and geosynchronous orbit payload capacity of 14 tonnes.

  • Chinese city to relocate smelting plants after toxic cadmium spill – Xinhua |– NANNING, Feb. 5 (Xinhua) — Authorities in a southwestern China city said on Sunday that it would relocate all smelting plants near downtown in five years after a spill of toxic cadmium in a river threatened drinking water supplies for millions of people.Metals companies that refuse to move out of town would be shut down, Liao Jincheng, director of the development and reform commission of Hechi city in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, told Xinhua on Sunday.
  • Foreign blockbusters dominate in China’s national holidays – Xinhua |– BEIJING, Feb. 2 (Xinhua) — Foreign blockbusters dominated the Chinese box office during the seven-day Spring Festival holiday, in the absence of major domestic rivals.”Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” took 60 million yuan (9.5 million US dollars) during the holiday week (Jan 22. to Jan. 28), becoming the highest-grossing of the top 20 films screened in cinemas during the period, according to its Chinese distributor on Thursday.

    On release in China since Jan. 15, the second Sherlock Holmes film directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law has so far collected a box office of about 145 million yuan in the Chinese mainland.

    “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” reported 55 million yuan on Jan. 28, its first screening day and the last day of the holiday, collecting the highest daily box office of a film during the Spring Festival.

    During the holiday, the national box office was estimated to be 390 million yuan (62 million U.S. dollars), up from 320 million yuan in 2011 and 340 million yuan in 2010, according to leading cinema chains.

  • Chinese businessman detained after failing to repay billions of yuan of private lending – Xinhua |– HANGZHOU, Feb. 6 (Xinhua) — Police in east China’s Zhejiang province have detained the boss of an education group as his firm was in debt to about 1,000 private lenders, said the local government on Sunday.Dong Shunsheng, president of the Liren Education Group in Wenzhou, was detained Friday, said a statement released by the government in Taishun county in Wenzhou.

    Liren announced on October 31 that it would stop repaying creditors and start asset restructuring after the company’s cash chain ruptured.

    According to the announcement, the company was 2.2 billion yuan in debt to about 1,000 creditors.

  • Internet biggest breeding ground for violent extremism, ministers warn | UK news | The Guardian– The internet now plays a part in most, if not all, cases of violent radicalisation and is a more significant recruiting ground than prisons, universities or places of worship, according to report by a cross-party group of MPs published today.The Commons home affairs committee says internet service providers need to be as effective at removing material that promotes violent extremism as they are in removing content that is sexual or breaches copyright.

    The committee discloses that a new Home Office counter-terrorism internet referral unit has received 2,025 complaints since it was set up in 2010. About 10% of the offending websites or web pages have been taken down as a result.

  • High-profile gun crimes spark calls for action|Society| – BEIJING – Experts are calling for stricter controls on guns across the country in the wake of a series of shooting tragedies.
    In the latest case, three people were killed and eight injured in Huining county in Northwest China’s Gansu province, according to local police, who captured the suspect on Sunday.
    The gunman, who is said to be in his 30s, used an emulational handgun and the shots were fired at around 10 am on Sunday in Dangxian village, Huining county, said a spokesman with the county’s police department.
  • Tibet Airlines to fly 3 new routes from Nyingchi|Economy|