China Readings for March 11th

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

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  • One Chinese killed, two others injured in S Africa|Politics| – One Chinese youth was killed and two others were injured in Johannesburg as burglars broke into their house two days ago, South Africa Chinese Community and Police Co-op Center (SACCPC) confirmed with Xinhua on Saturday evening.  
    Wu Yinjian, a staff member with the center told Xinhua that the incident happened on Thursday evening when several armed robbers broke into the empty residence of seven Chinese nationals in Bedfordview area.
  • Iranian group’s big-money push to get off US terrorist list – – sad how cheap it is to buy the integrity of so many of America's foreign policy and national security establishment. does China understand this? //

    SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: A roster of influential former US officials is speaking at rallies in support of removing the MEK, an Iranian opposition group with a violent anti-American history, from the US terrorist list. A decision is expected within weeks.

  • Hullabaloo-Legacy of "What Works" – But after the policies of this first term, making respect for civil liberties and a lasting humane national security policy part of his legacy is going to be a very tough row to hoe because they reflect values of such transcendent importance. "What works" is very often the opposite of the values we supposedly hold dear — you either believe in them or you don't. And for the last three years, it's been the latter.
  • Blocked on Weibo – What's not allowed on China's version of Twitter
  • Long Haul China | About the Long Haul China Project – During the first six months of 2011, Rachel Katz hitchhiked over 8,000 miles across China on long haul trucks. During her travels, she observed China as few foreigners are able to do, immersing herself in the unpredictable world of Chinese truck drivers. The Long Haul China Project is funded by a Fulbright research grant from the US Department of State. Rachel graduated from Brown University and lives in San Francisco.
  • China Hospitals Seen Defying Reforms – – China's push to overhaul its health-care system is encountering challenges from public hospitals, Health Minister Chen Zhu said, an obstacle that has broad implications for the country's economic outlook.
  • China suspected of Facebook attack on Nato’s supreme allied commander | World news | The Observer – Beijing cyber-spies accused of using fake social networking accounts in bid to steal military secrets from the west
  • 上海市长韩正微博潜水关注网络舆情_互联网_科技时代_新浪网
  • An Erotic Novel, ‘50 Shades of Grey,’ Goes Viral With Women –
  • Jonah Lehrer on How to Be Creative – – The image of the 'creative type' is a myth. Jonah Lehrer on why anyone can innovate—and why a hot shower, a cold beer or a trip to your colleague's desk might be the key to your next big idea.。。

    There is nothing fun about this kind of creativity, which consists mostly of sweat and failure. It's the red pen on the page and the discarded sketch, the trashed prototype and the failed first draft. Nietzsche referred to this as the "rejecting process," noting that while creators like to brag about their big epiphanies, their everyday reality was much less romantic. "All great artists and thinkers are great workers," he wrote.

  • 广东省长朱小丹:改革不动真格乌坎事件会再现_新闻_腾讯网
  • Average US guy actually very handsome, says nurse | China Daily Show – BEIJING (China Daily Show) – A middle-aged US male has struck romantic gold, after visiting China and discovering he is actually remarkably handsome.
    Howard G. Hallbecker, who has never considered himself anything other than average-looking, had only ever previously dated two women: one his high-school sweetheart, the other a brief fling with a colleague following his divorce.
    But that all changed after Hallbecker visited China.
    “Turns out I’m actually ‘handsome, rugged and mature,’” a perplexed Hallbecker told media yesterday. “I just wish someone had told me this a few years ago. Then maybe I wouldn’t have had that breakdown.”
  • Foreigners don’t understand China, says Lamborghini owner | China Daily Show – SHANGHAI (China Daily Show) — A flamboyant plutocrat has lambasted Western “outsiders” who criticize China with little understanding of its complex internal dynamics.
    Eric S Li, a Harvard-educated venture capitalist with offices in New York and Tokyo, says that most foreign people simply don’t understand ordinary Chinese.
    “Chinese people are happy, sometimes even very happy. Whenever I see the guy who washes my Lamborghini, he’s always smiling,” Li said. “Actually, I think he’s probably a simpleton. I can’t understand his accent at all; it’s sad. His soap ‘n’ wax is faultless, though.”
  • JOBS Act enables Chinese fraud | China Accounting Blog | Paul Gillis – The JOBS Act is hoped to stimulate U.S. job growth. Barbara Roper, a director at the Consumer Federation of America, said the IPO provision offered no “realistic promise that it’s going to create jobs”. Certainly that is the case with respect to IPOs of Chinese companies who will get a big windfall from these rules. The last thing we need to be doing with Chinese IPOs is to lower the quality of disclosures and to repeal the requirement for internal control audits.  H.R. 3606 should be amended to exclude IPOs on non-U.S. based companies. I hope the Act does not become known as the Jumpstart Our Bilking of Suckers Act. 
  • 广东1/4农民工流失 亟待发掘第二轮人口红利 – 宏观 – 21世纪网
  • 网络假房源泛滥之谜 – 产经 – 21世纪网 – 相关调查显示,各大知名房产信息网站的二手房真实度也普遍徘徊在60%的及格线上。
  • Retire Here, Not There: Hawaii –
  • NYPD Officer Sent To Psych Ward By Superiors After Reporting Corruption – NYPD increasingly looks like China's PSB, w bigger guns