China Readings for March 25th

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • The Associated Press: North Korea’s planned rocket test: Why It Matters
  • How China’s Next Leader Will Guide – – By ROBERT LAWRENCE KUHN

    NEW YORK — Some have taken the extraordinary dismissal of Bo Xilai, the controversial Politburo member and party secretary from Chongqing, as a sign that the transition of power in China is in trouble. On the contrary, it shows that the process has matured and is working as it needs to.

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  • The Man Who Broke Atlantic City – Magazine – The Atlantic – two years ago, Johnson says, the casinos started getting desperate. With their table-game revenues tanking and the number of whales diminishing, casino marketers began to compete more aggressively for the big spenders. After all, one high roller who has a bad night can determine whether a casino’s table games finish a month in the red or in the black. Inside the casinos, this heightened the natural tension between the marketers, who are always pushing to sweeten the discounts, and the gaming managers, who want to maximize the house’s statistical edge. But month after month of declining revenues strengthened the marketers’ position. By late 2010, the discounts at some of the strapped Atlantic City casinos began creeping upward, as high as 20 percent.

    “The casinos started accepting more risk, looking for a possible larger return,” says Posner, the gaming-industry expert. “They tended to start swinging for the fences.”

    Johnson noticed.

    “They began offering deals that nobody’s ever seen in New Jersey history,” he told me. “I’d never heard of anything like it in the world, not even for a player like [the late Australian media tycoon] Kerry Packer, who came in with a $20 million bank and was worth billions and billions.”

  • 5 slain in S.F. home – killer, weapon unknown – The names of the deceased were not immediately released. But software engineer Yingxue "Jess" Lei owns the house where the killings happened, public records show, and her friends and co-workers said Friday that they fear she is among the dead.

    "I am so upset and angry about this. She was a very happy person and did not say anything about trouble in her family," said Roxanne Albertoli of Qualitative Medical Systems in Emeryville, where Lei is a software engineer.

    "She did not call in today, and that is not like her," said Albertoli, an administrative assistant. "So we all looked at the news, know she lives there, and figured it out."

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  • China in a tug of war between two Sudans – The Washington Post – Soon after South Sudan became independent last year, China opened an embassy here, eager to protect its oil interests. It quickly dispatched its foreign minister and began discussing a huge aid package for this destitute land.

    Just a few months later, Beijing finds itself trapped in a bitter wrangle between South Sudan and its former rulers in Sudan, with both countries pressing Beijing to take their side.

  • VIPshop of China Tumbles in American Debut – – VIE structure not reason debut flopped. but $vips got its cash
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