China Readings for November 13th

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Chinese, but Not Their Leaders, Take to Ambassador Gary Locke –– AS the powerful Communist Party chief of Guangdong Province waited in an ornate conference room last week for the arrival of the new American ambassador, Gary Locke, the banter with his aides naturally turned to Mr. Locke’s Chinese roots. Mr. Locke had stopped in Guangzhou to talk to the party chief, Wang Yang, en route to a visit to his ancestral village.Mr. Wang put a quick end to that topic. “He’s no hometown folk,” he told aides as they shifted in a reception line. “He should clearly realize he is an American.”
  • 震惊:文革道县十种杀人的残忍手段 – 史海钩沉 – 多维论坛– 翻开这页血腥的历史还需要时间,需要机遇。历史一直在等待着答案,等待着当政者和大大小小的历史学家们对这场大屠杀向我们的社会和人民,向我们的后代有一个明确的交代。然而,几十年过去了,我们的社会却一直惊人地保持着沉默,似乎什么都没有发生,一切只不过是一个遥远的传说而已。


  • Chow Tai Fook Presses On With Hong Kong Listing –– The world’s largest jeweler is launching one of the biggest IPOs of the year, hoping to capitalize on impressive growth rates and an obsession among many Chinese for gold and diamonds.Enlarge Image

    Bloomberg News
    Chinese jeweler Chow Tai Fook is about to launch an IPO in Hong Kong.

    The jeweler, more than 50% bigger than Tiffany & Co. by revenue and slightly bigger than the jewelry businesses of luxury goods maker Cie. Financiere Richemont SA, plans to raise up to $3.5 billion in a stock offering in Hong Kong, people familiar with the matter said.

    The big selling points to investors are an Internet-like 60% annual growth rate, more than 1,500 outlets in Asia, nearly all in China, and one of the best-known brands in the region.

    The name? Chow Tai Fook.

  • U.S. Works to Counter Spying Risks –– The Obama administration is quietly working to counter potential risks posed by foreign telecommunications companies’ expansion in the U.S. market, which federal officials say they fear could make the nation vulnerable to spying.The initiative, previously unreported, doesn’t target a particular company or country, but China remains a focus of U.S. government concerns about electronic spying. And a key impetus for the new initiative is the U.S. expansion of Chinese telecommunications company Huawei Technologies Co., according to people familiar with the White House deliberations.
  • Partial Intimations of the Coming Whole – This article interprets the ongoing Chongqing experiment in light of the theories of Henry George, James Meade, and Antonio Gramsci. It argues that the Chongqing experiment has shown the possibility of integrating rural and urban development and of the co-development of public ownership and private business. Through such practices as sending cadres to work, to live, and to eat together with the peasants, re-registering rural migrant workers as urban residents, “singing red songs,” and providing public rental housing for low- and middle-income people, Chongqing has acted to revitalize the Chinese Communist Party’s relationship with the people.
  • 河南宋基会“公益”吸金放贷搞房地产-搜狐滚动 – 据新华社电 河南省宋庆龄基金会在郑州黄金地段建设的一座大型“宋庆龄”雕像,带出了这个公益机构“自筹资金”4亿元建设的大型项目。一个公益机构靠什么自筹如此巨资?新华社“新华视点”记者追踪采访了解到,河南宋基会一边以“公益医保”名义在农村大量“吸金”,一边在城市投资放贷搞房地产,其运作已严重偏离公益慈善事业,且风险巨大。
  • 我少将:中国将让挑衅者付代价 – 资料图:解放军海军在南海某海域举行三大舰队联合作战演习。
    人民网(微博)北京11月9日电 (记者曾高飞)11月9日,著名军事专家彭光谦少将和海军军事学术研究所研究员李杰大校做客人民网强国论坛时说,中国周边现在形势很复杂,但中国不怕挑衅,谁挑衅,中国都将奋起反击,让其付出沉重代价。
  • Personal Forbidden City the last word in luxury, but not for everyone– CONGHUA, China: When I first met the reclusive multibillionaire Chau Chak Wing he delivered me in a Bentley to a water-logged construction site at the base of Phoenix Mountain.He told me this secluded hot springs retreat north of Guangzhou, where Mao Zedong once came to recuperate, would be one of the world’s most exclusive destinations within two years.

    Driving back down his four-lane, dual-carriage driveway this week it was clear that he had over-delivered on his pledge. Dr Chau, the Australian citizen property developer, has created a personal Forbidden City.

  • Paul V. Kane Facebook Page
  • The US should ditch Taiwan: New York Times editorial | – animated news – We’re Next Media Animation, not Foreign Affairs. So here it is in a nutshell: China would not stop with Taiwan. Gobbling up Taiwan is only one step in the People’s Liberation Army Navy’s plans (paywall) to develop a blue water navy that would project power out to Hawaii. If the US abandoned Taiwan, American allies in the region would wonder if they were next and reevaluate their own relationships with the US; if China controlled Taiwan, it would have a stranglehold on Japan and South Korea, which rely on maritime trade for survival.
    Kane repeats a common misconception that since Taiwan “is gradually integrating with China economically” its “absorption into mainland China is inevitable.” Taiwan is becoming deeply integrated economically with China and it shares a common culture and national language with China. So what? Canada speaks English and is tied economically to the US up the yin-yang. Is Canada’s absorption into America also inevitable?
    Selling out Taiwan to shed 10% of the national debt would not change the political and economic dysfunction that got the US into trouble in the first place. It would only strengthen China’s hand.
  • US should ditch Taiwan: New York Times op-ed – YouTube – By NMA
  • Vietnam: Two Citizen Journalists Jailed For Illegally Broadcasting To China– falungong//Reporters Without Borders said it is appalled by the sentencing Thursday of two citizen radio journalists, Vu Duc Trung and his brother-in-law Le Van Thanh, to prison terms of three years and two years respectively for illegally broadcasting radio programmes to China.
  • Taiwanese Official Accused of Abusing Housekeeper – ABC News– Federal prosecutors in Kansas City have jailed a Taiwanese official on a felony labor violation involving her housekeeper — a charge experts say has rarely, if ever, been applied to a foreign official.Hsien-Hsien Liu, director general of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Kansas City, is accused of vastly underpaying the woman, restricting when she could sleep and making her work 16 to 18 hours a day.
  • ‘Burning martyrs’: the wave of Tibetan monks setting themselves on fire | World news | The Guardian – Monks and nuns say leaflets are circulating in monasteries in China listing names of those ready to carry out suicide protests
  • New York Office of People’s Daily Online is hiring – People’s Daily Online
  • Garnaut-Mao namesake believes China will be set free – mao yushi, not mao relative. these ageing “liberals” really relevant?
  • Qianlong Vase Pushes Auctions of Asian Art to Record $92 Million in London – Bloomberg– but will the buyers pay?//Auctions of Chinese antiques raised a record 57.4 million pounds ($92 million) in London this week even as credit-squeezed Asian bidders became choosier about what they wanted to buy.
    Sotheby’s (BID), Christie’s International and Bonhams offered a bumper crop of 1,695 Chinese lots at their main salesrooms as part of the 14th annual Asian Art in London event. While rarities such as a Qianlong-era Imperial vase sold for 9 million pounds, 44 percent of the material was rejected. The equivalent sales last November raised 37.4 million pounds.
  • Alibaba and SoftBank Meet With Blackstone in Promised Yahoo Efforts – Kara Swisher – News – AllThingsD – Alibaba CEO Jack Ma publicly promised in an onstage interview two weeks ago at our AsiaD conference in Hong Kong that his Chinese Internet company would start to meet with U.S. private equity firms to come up with possible ways to purchase Yahoo.
    Now, as advertised loudly: Among the first stops, said several sources, was a meeting this week with Blackstone, a prominent New York investment firm that has been one several large ones that have not signed a restrictive non-disclosure agreement with Yahoo.
    The efforts to collect a possible investing group are being led by Alibaba CEO Jack Ma and the Chinese company’s CFO Joe Tsai, who are also working along with Japan’s SoftBank head Masa Son and its U.S. head Ron Fisher.
  • U.S. Should Learn From China, Not Fear Its Rise: Jonathan Alter – Businessweek – i guess these media tours work. kudos to the ministry for suppression of barbarian lies (coined by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous)
  • 港评论员:李克强将不会推动民主_多维新闻网 – 【多维新闻】中国副总理李克强在2013年接任总理一职已基本敲定,有人期盼他能在任期实现政改。而香港评论员林和立则指出,李克强不会像现任总理温家宝般鼓吹民主、反对毛式封建主义。他认为,李克强上任后最迫切的任务是要稳住自己的权力基础,而非改革,尤其不是政治改革。
  • 王岐山主导三会换帅布局十八大 _多维新闻网 – 多维新闻】中国银监会、保监会、证监会分别由尚福林、郭树清、项俊波接掌,“三会”同时换帅,在中国金融业尚属首次。这次换帅由主管金融的副总理王岐山主导,拉开中共十八大人事布局大幕。

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