China Readings for November 7th

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

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  • Air with Chinese Characteristics – Economic Observer News- China business, politics, law, and social issues
  • Having Trouble Getting a Cab? – Economic Observer News- China business, politics, law, and social issues– Having trouble catching a cab? Though it is officially illegal for cabbies to refuse a fare solely based on the destination of the would-be passenger, being refused – especially at peak periods or busy places – is a common experience. It is almost as common as taxi drivers taking foreigners or travelling Chinese on a relatively expensive but totally un-scenic route to their destination.This may change. According to an article in today’s Beijing Times, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation announced yesterday that it has set-up a 24 hour hotline where enraged would-be passengers can complain and take action against such transgressions. The hotline, which can be reached at 6835 1150 or 6835 1570, is for people who believe they have been wrongly treated on any public bus, taxi, tour bus or long distance coach.
  • For Envoy To China, The Personal And Political Mix : NPR
  • ‘Cake Theory’ Has Chinese Eating Up Political Debate : NPR – more on the alleged bo xilai-wang yang split. seems a bit overdone
  • 福建平潭白青乡浅海发现死亡灰鲸_图片频道_新华网 – whale washes up in fujian, dad puts daughter on it for picture
  • 互联网站和网企负责人在京共议发展健康向上网络文化_新华时政_新华网
  • 庆祝新华通讯社成立八十周年-新华网 – 80th anniversary of the founding of Xinhua News Agency
  • AFP: China web firms vow to curb ‘harmful’ information – The heads of China’s largest Internet and technology firms have vowed to stop the “spread of harmful information” on the web after attending a three-day government workshop, state media said Sunday.
    Nearly 40 companies, including e-commerce giant Alibaba, online portal Sina and search engine Baidu attended the seminar hosted by the State Internet Information Office, an online watchdog, the official Xinhua news agency said.
  • 中国是一个互害社会 ——冉云飞 – 【人人分享-人人网】
  • China Credit Squeeze Prompting Suicides Along With Offer to Sever a Finger – Bloomberg – Hours after a creditor and his gang of tattooed thugs hustled Zhong Maojin into a coffee shop in Wenzhou, he says he wouldn’t yield to their demands.
    They wanted to take over one of the pharmacies in a chain he’d built by borrowing from private lenders. Instead, he made an offer of traditional retribution in this eastern Chinese city, known for loan sharks who have sometimes meted out violence to bad debtors.
    “If you like, you can cut off one of my fingers instead,” Zhong, 42, says he told them.
  • Hu Shi’s Writings Still Apply To Today’s China – screenshot of one of his quotes circulating in Sina Weibo today
  • The rise of an economic superpower: What does China want? – – China’s economic rise and its newly amplified voice on the international stage unnerve people and governments across the globe, despite Beijing’s best efforts to assuage their fears. Bookstore shelves in America and Europe offer titles such as “Death by China” and “When China Rules the World.” Edward Friedman, a political science professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, echoes some other observers when he goes so far as to call China’s rise “the greatest challenge to freedom in the world since World War I” aimed at “making the world safe for authoritarianism.” But does China really want to overturn the US-led post-World War II international order – the very system that has allowed the country to flourish so remarkably? And if the men at the top of the Chinese Communist Party are indeed so minded, could they, or those who come after them, ever succeed?
  • 北京市采取四措施加大污染防治 –  针对近日公众热议的“美国驻华大使馆与市环保局公布的本市空气污染水平存在差异”的情况,今天上午,市环保局予以回应,称本市空气质量监测数据准确可靠;环保局称不利的气象条件是10月份北京空气质量9天超标的主要因素。
  • 腾讯阿里百度搜狐等企业纷纷买地_互联网_DoNews-IT门户-移动互联网新闻-电子商务新闻-游戏新闻-风险投资新闻-IT社交网络社区– 连续宏观调控政策令全国土地市场明显降温,中房指数的最新统计数据显示,前三季度,全国土地市场住宅用地呈现量价齐跌的态势,全国土地成交总体楼面价从1276元/平米下降至1085元/平米。北京、上海、天津等十大城市前三季度土地供应量同比降幅达23%,成交量降幅达25%,远高于133个市县平均下跌11%的水平。其中,天津、武汉和杭州的供应量跌幅高达51%、41%和38%——现在,也许是一个拿地的好时候。那些科技互联网公司,哪个手上不是握有大量美元?手握32亿美元的腾讯、兜里放着17亿美元的网易、账上存着15亿美元的百度、阿里巴巴等。一位知情者称,搜索巨头百度在上海、深圳、广州、北京等地都有项目,现在正在筹划购买亦庄开发区的大片土地。山西阳泉政府给了百度一大片地,百度在那里建立了一个数据中心,主要是做云计算,部署了很多服务器。在深圳,百度也有两栋楼已经开工,都是超高层建筑,主要是给百度员工建的办公楼,当然,如果百度自己用不完也可以对外出租。