China Readings for September 26th

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Chinese villagers get inquiry after protests over developer ‘land grabs’ | World news | The Guardian – but why will local officials stay loyal if they can't line their pockets?//

    Government officials strike compromise with Wukan leaders, halting angry protests at transfer of farmland for factories

  • An Important Video to Watch: Pepper-Spray by a Cruel and Cowardly NYC Cop – James Fallows – National – The Atlantic – sad to watch from Beijing. world is converging, in the wrong direction
  • China’s Price Offensive Takes on Booze – China Real Time Report – WSJ – what percentage of top baijiu sales come from government coffers? Bet >50%//

    According to a notice posted on the website of the China Alcoholic Drinks Industry Association, the National Development and Reform Commission–Beijing’s top economic planning agency– recently held a “sit-and-chat” meeting with the association and representatives from major Chinese bai jiu makers such as Maotai (perhaps the most famous brand, from southwestern Guizhou Province), Wuliangye (an aged distilled liquor from southern Sichuan) and Gu Jing Gong Jiu (a challenging delicacy from the eastern Anhui province).

    The sole topic of the meeting was liquor prices, following a wave of price increases by several producers in early September.

  • A Contest For Supremacy — By Aaron L. Friedberg — Book Review – – reviewed by Martin Jacques

    In “A Contest for Supremacy,” Aaron L. Friedberg outlines several reasons a closer relationship between the two powers is possible: economic interdependence, the prospect that China may become more open and democratic, its continuing integration into the international system, common threats like climate change, and nuclear weapons. Nonetheless, he believes two other factors — a growing clash of interests and deep ideological and political differences — will prove more decisive and will make the relationship more tense and competitive.

  • Just Because: Tricycle Calligraphy 水书法器 on Vimeo – Media Artist Nicholas Hanna built a tricycle that can also paint Chinese characters on the ground as it moves, just — because.

    Water Calligraphy has a long history in China, normally characterized by older Chinese men painting characters on the ground of parks with long brushes and water.

    Nicholas' version is a wee bit more complicated.

  • Under God: Chinese Christians aim to evangelize Muslim world – Julia Duin – won't end well//

    Although today is the dawn of the Chinese New Year, most people are unaware that Chinese Christians are gearing up to be the world's most potent missionary force.

    China? Christians? Sure enough. For decades now they've had plans to evangelize the Muslim world that lies along the old Silk Road route. This could be one of the most ambitious missionary enterprises in 2,000 years of Christianity. No national church has amazed the world as much as that of the Chinese. From 1 million at the time of the Communist takeover in 1949, it's grown to 100 million followers, a breathtaking growth in 60 years.

  • Chinese Journal of International Politics | China and East Asian Regional Order – free reader