Photo Surfaces of Jiang Zemin And Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz

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A few weeks ago Sinocism was the first to note that Jiang Zemin had recently met with at least one foreign delegation in Beijing–Is Jiang Zemin Meeting Foreign Delegations In Beijing? Bloomberg followed up with a story a couple of days later confirming that Jiang had met with Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks.

Now a photo of the meeting has surfaced, posted to Twitter by Mike Forsythe, the Bloomberg reporter who wrote the story. Jiang, who has been rumored to be quite sick in recent months, looks good for 85.  As I wrote in the original post:

It appears that Jiang is employing the time-honored method of using foreigners to convey a domestic message. A healthy, involved Jiang Zemin would have a significant impact not only on 18th Party Congress planning but also on the handling of the Bo Xilai case. In fact, some overseas media have reported that Jiang, once considered a staunch supporter of Bo Xilai, has pushed for a very severe handling of the case. (See 江泽民力主推动薄熙来事件严肃处理_多维新闻网)

Here is the photo, courtesy of @pekingmike:





























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  1. So do you think it is a good idea for foreign companies to have these high level meetings without knowing the outcome of the party congress? What if they pick the wrong guy for the photo op (or more likely, the wrong guy picks them)?

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