Readings for 2010-05-01

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Lishan Wang, Alleged Killer of Yale Doctor, Had Guns, Ammo, Names of Others He Feuded W, Say Cops-CBS
  • China’s Pakistan Corridor – “Balochistan treacherous territory 4 many, but Beijing keeps buying its way in.”
  • Willy Lam-Chinese Leaders Revive Marxist Orthodoxy – The Jamestown Foundation
  • Parkour film producer banks on smooth moves 20-year-old graduated from the Beijing Film Academy
  • Justice probe of Goldman Sachs goes beyond deals cited by SEC
  • Economic Observer-Property TaxComing But Not as We Know It trial real estate tax (???), in the 4 cities
  • DAN FROOMKIN Stop Robert Rubin Before He Kills Again –
  • ABC News Lays Off Quarter of Staff – Xinhua probably hiring
  • stress tests on Banks’ loan portfolios say can handle real estate declines of 20-30% ????-????????????????20%-30%
  • China Regulator Tightens Property Loan Collateral, Times Says – this will hurt developers
  • New Cool Down for China’s Fickle Real Estate_English_Caixin “Analysts have been all over the map”
  • William K. Black on PBS Bill Moyers Journal | The Big Picture Black all about fraud on wall street
  • RT @WangShuo ??????conference call????????????????????????? Vanke says new round of property measures will end when many land auctions fail
  • Afghanistan Goes Gaga – April 30, 2010 “Meet the soldiers behind the hit viral remake of “Telephone” video”
  • SpyTalk – Report: Chinese court Afghanistan’s Karzai “General Ma Xiaotian, deputy head of PLA, “recently met Karzai”
  • China’s Xinhua to Launch an English-Language TV Channel – WSJ soft power, dying media
  • Beijing Enacts New Rule on Home Buying –
  • Russia is Losing Its Chinese Arms Market | SLDInfo
  • Russia Losing Valuable Arms Buyer as Chinese Defense Industry Ramps Up | Defense Tech
  • RT @cmphku: China Megatrends, and why I can’t hold my tongue
  • Beijing Kids on Baby Showers Cupcakes by @ccsweets #
  • HuffPost – China Says Diplomat BEATEN By Houston Police –
  • ???????“??”?? Cornell & Cheong Kong prof Huang Ming bashes Goldman’s China biz, says sketcyh deals/legal problems
  • Study: Derivatives Rules Would Cost Banks Billions-NYTimes “Goldman Sachs could lose up to 41% of its earnings”
  • Huang Guangyu Trial, Real Estate Dilemma new Sinica podcast w @kaiserkuo @gadyepstein @imagethief & urs truly
  • Is A Corruption Crackdown Likely As Part Of China’s New Housing Measures? | Sinocism

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