Readings for 2010-05-09

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Shanghai World Expo: Japan Pavilion not raising Japanese flag 2 give consideration 2 anti-Japanese sentiment ChinaHush
  • Rodman & Renshaw bank that does lots of deals for small Chinese firms. esp OTC deals
  • On Chinese Officials’ Fear of the Internet-7????????“??”?? ??????-????
  • Slick Operator-How BP Works Washington –
  • Olympic judo champ Tong Wen banned for doping gold medal untouched
  • Freddie Mac’s Loss Is Ignored in Washington – NYTimes US have most distorted, subsidized housing market in world?
  • 400m tall building planned 4 Beijing CBD. Across street from CCTV on Guanghua Lu ??CBD???????? ????400?
  • Battling the Cyber Warmongers-WSJ “Cyberattacks inevitable but threat exaggerated by those w vested interest” MOROZOV
  • Experts investigate giant panda sightings; possible new colony in southwest China
  • Alice Xin Liu: Beijing Rock Scene Is Inspired by Western Hipster Chic Rather Than Search for a Deeper Soul
  • CIRA-Center for Intelligence Research and Analysis
  • Dr. Ma’s Clinic_Caixin “Cong Feng’s new documentary on life and death at a village clinic in Gansu” online anywhere?
  • Wine Grapes are Old Hat to Napa’s Big-Pumpkin Growers – WSJ should do a Beijing contest like this
  • UBS Schools Private-Banking Rookies in Asia Hunt for Talent – Bloomberg no doubt no US citizends need apply
  • Chinese Professor on why the “China Will Collapse” Meme is wrong “?????”???? ??????
  • China Halts Journal Over Report on State-Owned Power Company –
  • Acupuncture May Help, but You’ll Need to Pay –
  • Accused UVA player George Huguely attacked sleeping student, teammates say privileged, alcoholic obsession

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