Readings for 2010-05-18

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Hugh Hendry Shorts China, Betting on 1920s Japan-Like Crash-BusinessWeek “may gain almost $500m if China recession” $$ #
  • FT Alphaville » China’s bright-ish future, according to CLSA $$ #
  • Dodgy CCTV journalism and China map clampdown $goog #
  • huang guangyu also fined 600m rmb, had 2oom rmb in property confiscated. peanuts 4 him. ???????? ??????14???6??_??? #
  • Local govt. debt crisis unlikely: NDRC official -“but it is worth close attention” @vshih2 #
  • Demand for Dollars Exceeds Estimate With China Among Big Buyers – Bloomberg #
  • Chinese Ancient General’s Tomb Found “he tomb of Cao Xiu, a noted general under Cao Cao” #
  • New Beijing Municipal Police Chief’s Crackdown on the Sex Industry #
  • Cover Story of Caixin’s?????on protecting children- ????-????????????????????? #
  • Child survives poisoning in Shanghai “balloon fish mayb mixed up w dried fish fillets by mistake during production” #
  • China issues rules to prevent officials meddling in real estate affairs #
  • Sate Tax Bureau-Localities do not have the power to implement new real estate taxes ??????????????_????_??? #
  • UNESCO park costs Beijing Fangshan 3b yuan “relocating hundreds of thousands of people as well as closing coal mines” #
  • The CCTV Video on online mapping and secrecy [????]????????? #
  • cai business indepth limited Richard Li’s China financial news venture #
  • ?????560????????“????” China’s Shadow Banking system in Wenzhou #
  • Caves of Faith – National Geographic Magazine Mogao Caves in Dunhuang #
  • Good Garnaut-Beijing is no Dubai but Chanos made bank if short developers & commodity plays $$ #
  • China boosts holdings of US Treasuries dear USA, about that Euro as new reserve currency thing? Big misunderstanding $$ #
  • audits 4 beijing rea estate developers whose prices rise 2 fast ??10???????? ????????????? #
  • U.S. Offshore Oil Chief Quits 4 Weeks After Rig Blast -Bloomberg Chris Oynes better lawyer up. #
  • China’s new rich set trend buying luxury homes in California with cash | ChinaHush #

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