Readings for 2010-06-02

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • an almost Buddhist People's Daily Commentary ?????????????–??–??? #
  • China News: Xia Lin (??), Xinhua Deputy Chief Editor, Reveals Secret Details of Old News Stories | @CDT fascinating #
  • Truck driver kills 4 in Henan housing demolition protest — Shanghai Daily #
  • Sinica Podcast on Chinese Investigative Journalism And Western Media Bias Towards China | Sinocism #
  • Pettis-Shanghai market isn’t really predicting anything always laugh when cnbc tries 2 analyze shanghai a shares $caf #
  • all the baha'i books in chinese u could want, on taobao ??? quite popular among a certain segment of beijing elite #
  • @cdixon @fredwilson dead on-Money managers should pay the same tax rates as everyone else– chris dixon's blog #
  • Hatoyama to Resign Over Base Row – not good. wonder if any chinese $$ has found its way in2 japan politics #
  • Former Zhongshan Mayor Suspected of Insider Trading_Caixin & corruption a universal trait. US just in denial #
  • American investors: predictably stupid-having 1ce been named in a lawsuit by paul im not a fan, but Farrell dead on $$ #
  • What’s the Significance of the Recent Labor Strife in China?– Asia EconoMonitor #
  • Eclectica Monthly Letter 2010 05 | Scribd hendry has interesting comments on china in here $$ #
  • Hunan court shooter upset over housing dispute, divorce, cancer ??????????????????_????_??? #
  • Chinese Government tightens controls on rare earths "very much undervalued cuz of over-exploitation and improper mgmt" #
  • on why local governments r mostly against publicizing true cost of water, as would expose "things" ??????????? #
  • CASS expert looks at medicine prices. 60% kickbacks 4 hospitals? ????“???”?????“??”???? #

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