Readings for 2010-06-22

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Listen to the citizens, and control them – China Media Project #
  • U.S. Said to Fund Afghan Warlords to Protect Convoys – #
  • Aides to U.S. General In Afghanistan Slam Obama – Report – NYTimes insubordination, whatever ur politics? #
  • AFP: Probe into top China official linked to J&J: report $jnj #
  • "In between..and trying to squeeze time in his schedule to go shark's fin shopping Mr. Acar found time to talk to Amy Ma in Hong Kong" #
  • What the Ritz in Paris Is Putting on for Chinese Tourists – WSJ is Ritz offering shark-fin dishes? #
  • Harsh V. Pant: Beijing Tests Obama on Proliferation to Pakistan- bit rich coming from India #
  • McChrystal Apologies for Incendiary Article | Danger Room upcoming Rolling Stone profile of General Stanley McChrystal #
  • Niall Ferguson: This Yuan Revaluation Is A Sideshow #
  • China's Trade Balance By Country, And Why The FX Action Is Less Of A Deal Than The Media Will Have You Believe #
  • ?????????? did Johnson & Johnson bride a sr Chinese FDA official? So says major Chinese paper $jnj could b explosive #
  • China’s Restrictions on Rare Earths Said to Be Targeted by U.S. – Bloomberg #
  • Stable exchange rate matters "Yi Xianrong (China Daily)" $macro #
  • China Daily Op-ed-Newsweek bid premature move "conditions not ripe 4 Chinese 2 endeavor 2 acquire major US news media" #
  • China Government Economist Says Yuan Could Depreciate | iMarketNews "Yi Xianrong, an economist with CASS" $macro #
  • The Obama administration and its pundit-defenders – Glenn Greenwald pundit news workers channeling public opinion #
  • China Sky One Medical $CSKI Why don't the numbers agree? #
  • Curious Cases of China Green Agriculture and China Sky One Medical: The Financial Investigator China reverse merger 101 #
  • Hilton hotel closed by Chinese police over prostitution charges – Telegraph #
  • Delays over: North Korean TV airs live coverage of team's 7-0 WCup loss 2 Portugal weibos saying TV already resigned #
  • Is The Obama-Jamie Dimon Falling Out A Pure White House Farce? #
  • Questions Surround Cancelation of Li Peng Book – China Real Time Report – WSJ #
  • Psychoanalyzing the Relationship Between Obama and Wall Street — New York Magazine #
  • Dead On Arrival: Financial Reform Fails « The Baseline Scenario Obama's big failure. Obamanoids still in denial #
  • China Daily-Beijing Gay, lesbian community's pride of place #
  • Simatai Great Wall closure kills local restaurants and ignites unlicensed tour groups #
  • China Daily-Colonel blends realism with emotion as a military artist #

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