Readings for 2010-07-07

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Taiwan overdue for F-16 jets x U.S. official says-Reuters wonder which aerospace firm lemkin will soon b working for #
  • China denounces new unilateral U.S. sanctions on Iran | Reuters #
  • Rules of America's rule of law – Glenn Greenwald – Salon yet we still think we can lecture others. sad #
  • Who Tried to Kill Fang Xuanchang? – By Sam Geall | Foreign Policy #
  • SpyTalk – Nixon-CIA spy ploy in Vietnam backfired, new records show #
  • China's property market braced for 30pc drop – Telegraph dropped 30%+ in 2008. no big deal. priced in, healthy $caf #
  • TMK Power: Anatomy of a Reverse Merger for Chinese Company in US – Business China $$ #
  • Sound Intelligence "detecting verbal
    aggression in early stage..enhancing effectiveness of (video)..surveillance" #
  • UK Surveillance system monitors conversations – Telegraph panopticon meet minority report. work in chinese? #
  • Letter from China: Testimony of a Chinese Journalist Attacked : The New Yorker #
  • Residents crowd in swimming pool in Suining Sichuan to escape the summer heat …Yahoo! News Photos how much chlorine? #
  • The crux of our endless War on Terror – Glenn Greenwald – hard 2 argue w the logic #
  • Petraeus emails show general scheming with "journalist" @maxboot to get out pro-Israel storyline expect no less #
  • McDonald's Says Chicken McNuggets Sold in China Have `Harmless' Additives – Bloomberg $mcd #
  • The US Media’s Frustration Over China « Business in The Beltway – Forbes Pearlstein hit a nerve #
  • FT Lex / China property "Can house prices endure a “comprehensive correction” without severe collateral damage?" #
  • TSA to Block "Controversial Opinion"-CBS "blocking certain websites from agency's computers" give them green dam #
  • Carl Gershman – Ending the silence on China's Uighur repression WaPo. president of NED. #
  • Washington Post Goes Old-School Crazy | ChinaGeeks / distorted discussion of Xinjiang riots from WaPo #
  • $jnj Johnson & Johnson's PR and legal mess in China getting bigger and bigger ?????????“??”??? #
  • tough time 4 china online game firms. Ministry of Culture now going after some sales practices ?????????????????-??IT #
  • First offshore RMB CD issued in HK $macro #
  • First-class prices jump for China's big airlines #
  • Chinese central bank fleeing into Japanese yen for reserves | Credit Writedowns $macro #
  • Can China cope with its massive urban population growth?-The Barrel good housing in major urban centers not a bubble #
  • EastSouthWestNorth: "the online sheriff" translated from southern metropolis daily #
  • ?????????_???? #
  • China’s state secret laws cast a dark cloud over Shanghai’s financial center ambitions | Beyond Brics | FT #

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