Readings for 2010-07-15

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • "Glitches" disrupt microblog websites in China sounds like Sina's Weibo has 20m users at end of Q2 #
  • China Daily-Threat of 'worst flood in 12 years' #
  • China lowers dairy protein levels 2 curb melamine so that means farmers still adding melamine 2 raw milk. lovely #
  • Israeli Attack on Iran Would Start Long War – Report – #
  • China's Henan to become the first 100M population province #
  • Argentina: China’s new Africa? | beyondbrics | #
  • 4.8m subway commuters every day in Beijing beijing underestimated demand, UNDER-invested in infrastructure #
  • Beijing police open public relations branch on chinese microblogs like sina weibo #
  • Beijing girls may b risking their sight in bid 2 make their eyes look bigger and brighter w eye-popping circle lenses #
  • Buffett meets Obama in White House P071410PS-0176 on Flickr – Photo Sharing! #
  • Hullabaloo-Ratigan's Righteous Rant #
  • motive behind whistle-blower prosecutions-Greenwald "Secrecy religion of political class, enabler of its corruption" #
  • Tiny, toxic mushrooms kill hundreds in China – Yahoo! News "Yunnan Sudden Death Syndrome" #
  • Lucky touch "octopus has become popular" in Beijing since world cup poor species #
  • China Arrests Seven For Smuggling 4,196 Tons of Rare Earth, Xinhua Reports – Bloomberg #
  • China's New Global Leverage-Economic clout increasingly drives territorial ambitions enuf w "china insecure" stupidity #
  • FT Alphaville Fitch goes aaaagh on Chinese securitisation Credit wealth management products. Fitch overstating #
  • Rio, Ivanhoe Relationship Sours – "tug-of-war over control of Mongolia's Oyu Tolgoi mine" #
  • China Defense Blog: US Naval War College's China Maritime Study No. 6 is out #
  • Reverse Mergers For Chinese Companies. "I'm Your Pusherman" : China Law Blog $$ #
  • A blue-collar beer goes upmarket in China "Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer 1844." 1844 a year or time of brewing? nice bottle #

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