Readings for 2010-07-22

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • DCM raises a RMB VC Fund – WSJ DCM best Silicon Valley VC firm investing in China #
  • Fund Manager W Contrarian Views – NYT "Hendry devising ways to bet on a spectacular deterioration of China’s economy" #
  • much in here key 2 understanding dynamics of beijing real estate market, and y not a real bubble #
  • 10m non-Beijings in Beijing. 30% of Beijing commodity housing bought by non-Beijingers ????????? ??????3???? #
  • WaPo-Foreign companies in China sound off on biz policies will China blink, and then penalize 1 or more of outspoken? #
  • China Daily-Bribery being bred in grassroot elections 1200 rmb/vote in some place. Taiwan was same #
  • China's rich flying high in private jets #
  • China May Start Property Tax Trials in Some Cities in 2012, Netease Says-y does Bloomberg keep writing on this rumor? #
  • Two and a half cheers for Obama on South Korea – by Dan Blumenthal | concession to china to not conduct in yellow sea #
  • Mullen reiterates his concern over China’s military buildup – News – Stripes #
  • Kneale, craven | by @felixsalmon | @denniskneale poster child 4 much of what is wrong w US journalism, & esp CNBC #
  • Man accused of covering up $70,000 job for Chinese government on CIA application "du fei", studied in shanghai #
  • Georgetown Township man accused of covering up $70,000 job for Chinese government on CIA application | #
  • SpyTalk-CIA applicant's arrest tops wave of China spy cases http:// YMs5t any1 know Glenn shriver when he was in china? #
  • Why China thinks it can go for America's jugular and how Obama can stop it – Dan Blumenthal send carrier to yellow sea #
  • Evaluating Conditions in Major Chinese Housing Markets #
  • FT Alphaville » Meanwhile, in the Chinese property market… #
  • Two More Masseuses Report Al Gore Penis Massages #
  • / Asia-Pacific – China rating agency condemns rivals #
  • Jeffrey Epstein, Billionaire Pedophile, Goes Free – The Daily Beast have money, no justice #
  • China daily 'South-South' media dialogue wonder when will star pushing non-aligned media movement #
  • China daily-More 'credit card slaves' trapped by crushing debt still tiny usage vs US. But sure sum bear will hype this #
  • Doing business in fine style Chinese exec travel clubs #
  • In Agricultural Bank of China (AgBank) IPO, the Winner Is…Goldman Sachs – China Real Time Report – WSJ #
  • China's New Fighter, the JF-17, Priced to Sell – China Real Time Report – WSJ #
  • China Property Policy Easing Is `Wishful Thinking,' HSBC Economist Qu Says – Bloomberg #

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