Readings for 2010-08-09

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Beijing Private equity looks for native English speakers at college fund "white female preferred" #
  • FT-America must find a new China strategy says being nice 2 China just made China more aggressive #
  • Stampede at Xichang Wal-Mart grand opening injures 8 – GoChengdoo: $wmt minting $$ here #
  • BlackBerry’s Security Approach Leads to Theories of Secret Deals – NYTimes interesting bits @ China #
  • Global Voices» China: Zhouqu landslide, a man made disaster #
  • Opposing the Three Vulgarities ??? – China Media Project underestimate this campaign at your peril #
  • Observations On China's Bubble..Reality Of A Financial Coke Addiction-then there is @zerohedge panda bear bile $macro #
  • Michael Kurtz: The Price of China's Property Boom – "fears of a property crash may be misplaced." $macro #
  • CCSweets ilook profile (ZH) don't know what Carol was thinking when she met me #
  • Synutra's Chinese Unit Denies Report Co's Baby Milk Powder Unsafe-Bloomberg $syut also denied had melamine. shoot 1st #
  • WaPo-Concerned @ China's rise, SE Asian nations build up militaries boom times 4 arms dealers. but then it always is #
  • Beijing Skate park ramps up plans Camp Woodward #
  • "Medical tests revealed the hormones estradiol and prolactin in the babies exceeded those of the average adult woman" #
  • China Daily-Anomalies in babies blamed on food chain "babies' breasts were developing" hormones in milk powder? #
  • Garnaut-How MacBank hit great wall in China Macquarie, SEEK, huge mess at recruitment site Zhaopin @stockjockey ambow #
  • Wonder where this rich kid's store is ??????_???_???? #
  • crazy pictures from the zhouqu mudslide ???????????_????_??? #

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