Readings for 2010-08-14

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Goldman CEO, others get millions from options-Reuters options that should have been worthless but 4 govt rescue. theft #
  • essay on the invasion of English into the Chinese language ??????????????_2010??15?_????? French understand. @bokane #
  • ????????????????_2010??15?_????? essay on importance of financial diplomacy. #
  • NYC Luxury Condos Try FHA Backing in `Game Changer'-Bloomberg of course US "Socialism" really 4 rich only. shameful #
  • David Dolby, Hero in Vietnam Battle, Dies at 64 – Obituary (Obit) – NYTimes Medal of Honor winner. RIP #
  • Y Santelli is right, & wrong, @ housing- @felixsalmon & critics say China's housing mkt distorted. US now "Socialisty" #
  • ???????????? ????????????? 1yr old girl in beijing shows sign of early development after drinking synutra $shut formula #
  • North Korea Rattles Sabers for an Heir – how much blowback will china suffer? #
  • Op-Ed Contributor – Making Birthright Citizenship Work – interesting suggestion #
  • Can China afford to get cocky? – China Media Project hope Wu Jianmin (???) still has influence #
  • China Rises China's looming North Korea problem McClatchy @tomlasseter #
  • People's Daily- US engaging in gunboat diplomacy how will China act when it has the capability? #
  • CMP Readings – China Media Project "PLA Daily Editorials Heap Criticism on the U.S." #
  • Chinese admiral says US drill courts confrontation – the shriller it gets, longer carrier like 2b in Yellow Sea #
  • AI WEIWEI: NEVER SORRY "1st feature length film on contemporary Chinese artist and activist" -2011 ?? not distributing #
  • Frank Talk – Being Contrarian on China $macro #
  • Cupcakes Taking Beijing? | All Things Cupcake gives @ccsweets a very nice mention #
  • About Iran, the Atlantic, and… China – Fallows- The Atlantic #
  • Matthew Yglesias » A Message for You, Hu Jintao [re iran] #
  • China’s Foreign Apologists, Er, Defenders – Gady Epstein – Beijing Dispatch – Forbes #
  • wang keqin in zhouqu, on official admissions that deforestation contributed to disaster ?????????????????_???_???? #
  • Showcase Afghan Army Mission Turns Into Debacle – NYTimes What are Pashto & Dari for ARVN? h/t @tomlasseter #

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