Readings for 2010-08-17

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Faculty positions: Politics in China/ Modern Chinese History – Danwei Jobs #
  • AP Exclusive: Terrorist tapes found under CIA desk #
  • ??????????????? #
  • ??????????? sounds like $jnj johnson & johnson has big china bribery & fcpa problems in its future #
  • Back in the Game – The United States Surges Again in Asia – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace #
  • Expat life: Have children, will travel – Telegraph nice piece. His daughter now my twins' classmate #
  • Norquist: Attack on Mosque Will Undermine Past Republican Political Gains – The Washington Note #
  • living in china has given me keener appreciation of the us constitution & freedom of religion. The bigots in opposition take it 4 granted #
  • The Constitution and the Mosque – NYT curious how lawyers against this can b considered professionally competent #
  • Chinese TV Host Yang Lan Stays True to Self to Build Empire | Fast Company #
  • A CNN anchor expresses the crux of "mosque" opposition – Glenn Greenwald Don Lemon 1 of those ignorant bigots #
  • Hallowed Ground Near 'Ground Zero Mosque' but a strip club ok? ignorant bigots are against this. period. full stop #
  • 581 foreign drug suspects captured in Beijing since '07 #
  • recommend pairing Mearsheimer's speech w new Pentagon-China report-Gathering Storm: China's Challenge 2 US Power in #
  • Pentagon: China Bolsters Projection, Anti-Access Systems – Defense News #
  • China Seeks Military Power in Indian Ocean, Western Pacific, Pentagon Says – Bloomberg #
  • DoD Releases Annual Report On China’s Military Modernization | Defense Tech #
  • Washington, We Have a Problem | Politics | Vanity Fair #
  • impt essay in latest "Seeking Truth". new "4 cardinal principles" said 1 weibo wag ??“??????”??????????_2010??16?_?? #

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