Readings for 2010-09-14

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Rodman & Renshaw Global Conference China Track OTC #
  • Cohen-China's Criminal Justice and Chongqing's Anti-triad Campaign: Law v. Practice – Council on Foreign Relations #
  • China’s Great Firewall | Chinese government not a fan of Richard McGregor's "The Party" #
  • Chinese coal company's share placement produces interesting collection of investors – Short Takes SinoCoking $scok #
  • Duoyuan shares tank as top execs resign | Reuters @daschles shouldn't u mention "Paula Dobriansky" a reuters exec? #
  • 11.09 Duoyuan Printing prices IPO at $8.50, roth and piper took out $dyp sketchy #
  • y on earth would hon Paula Dobriansky be director of sketchy firm like duoyuan printing? & how reuters allow it? $dyp #
  • Christopher Patrick Holbert – fired as CEO of $dyp been in China 4 long time, several public firms. whoops #
  • Hon. Paula Dobriansky – Wikipedia, t just quit board of $dyp also a thomson reuters exec #
  • Duoyuan Printing Announces Management Reorganization and Change of Auditor — $dyp disaster, & dragging down $dwg #
  • "google confronts china's "three warfares"-phat times 4 cyberdefense contractors #
  • Testing, the Chinese Way – #
  • ???4????????? ??????(?)_??_??? #
  • China tells foreign businesses 'to stop complaining' – Telegraph "cease being so "emotional"" in other words, BOHICA #
  • History of the Los Angeles Aqueduct LA, like Beijing, does not have enough water on its own to exist either #
  • Las Vegas Running Out of Water Means Dimming Los Angeles Lights – Bloomberg 2009 #

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