Readings for 2010-09-28

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Missionary to the Forbidden City – exhibit on Matteo ricci #
  • I.H.T. Special Report – Business of Food – Singapore Looks to China for Food Security – #
  • Has the Obama administration been tough enough with China? – By Mike Green | Shadow Government re Japan. sobering #
  • The Wrong Way to Deal with Beijing – By John D. Watkins Jr., and Christian Murck | Foreign Policy AmCham's position $$ #
  • Washington Quarterly-Will China Change the Rules of Global Order? #
  • AsiaEye – Tip of the Spear: The 13 Missions for the U.S. Marines in Okinawa-Project 2049 Institute #
  • FT/ Opinion – China’s muscle-flexing is a sign of weakness where does FT find these people? #
  • Twitter, Facebook, and social activism : The New Yorker "Why the revolution will not be tweeted" Gladwell #
  • Former Air Force Officers: UFOs Tampered With Nuclear Missiles #
  • U.S. Prosecutors Probe Karzai Brother – WSJ used 2 eat at his awesome Afghan restaurant in SF–Helmand's #
  • China's $1B Aid Appetite-Jack Chow "Why is Beijing winning health grants at expense of African countries" 2 mos ago #

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