Readings for 2010-10-06

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • Public Option Duplicity Revisited: Yet More Evidence of Obama Spinelessness and Duplicity « naked capitalism #
  • wolf-"prevent other countries from purchasing their financial instruments, unless latter offered reciprocal access 2 their financial markets #
  • / Columnists / Martin Wolf – How to fight the currency wars with stubborn China #
  • Action Alert – Please tell President Obama NOT to sign the Interstate Recognition of Notarizations Act « #
  • Congressmen Attack LPS, Servicer Misconduct; PR Counteroffensive Starting « naked capitalism #
  • Rule of Law vs Bank Profits: Mortgage Fraud-naked capitalism US at least as lacking in rule of law as China 4 elites #
  • Vietnam-China row over detained sailors intensifies – Yahoo! News unlike Japan Vietnam likely not afraid 2 fight #
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes from Beijing's CCSweets Cucpakes #
  • @ccsweets: Our Banana Cupcakes. The monkey and bananas are fondant, all edible #
  • Chinese Civilian Boats Roil Disputed Waters-NYTimes Maritime Chengguan? #
  • Defense Secretary Gates may meet Chinese counterpart in Hanoi, officials say #
  • The Chosun Ilbo (English Edition): Cheonan 'Was Warned of Missing N.Korean Sub' #
  • Foreclosure Halt May Shift Bondholder Pain – expect another round of bank bailouts? #
  • Graeme Smith-Political Machinations in a Rural County-China Journal #
  • China's hollow miracle "''The Hollow State: Rural Governance in China''" #
  • The Deal with the Hospital Industry to Kill the Public Option | FDL News Desk #
  • Truth about public option momentarily emerges, quickly scampers back in2 hiding-Greenwald White House lied..shocked… #
  • Wang Feng-China’s Population Destiny: The Looming Crisis – Brookings Institution #
  • SpyTalk – Li Fengzhi, ex-Chinese spy, granted asylum #
  • Morgan Stanley real-estate star falls in China any updates on Garth Peterson bribery case? any1 know this guy? #
  • CB Richard Ellis Says Employees Made Payments to Local Officials in China – Bloomberg fires 6. FCPA #
  • Rebecca Novick: Is Nepal China's Client State? #
  • Hugh Hendry Is Short China — Here's How He's Doing It #
  • Boardwalk Empire Episode 3 on Youku ????????03 – ???? – #
  • Censored Book Masks Sensitive Afghan Operations – Defense News #

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