Readings for 2010-10-11

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • China Regulator Liu Urges Global Division of Bank, Non-Banking Businesses – Bloomberg & not just for Chinese banks #
  • Researcher: 3% RMB appreciation should trigger gov't intervention – People's Daily talks clearly going well.. $macro #
  • Goldman director's wild parties riles co-op board – Americans should be so proud we saved these folks in 08 #
  • U.S. to Step Up Pressure on China Over Currency Policy – #
  • Security Measure Stirs Defense Firms-WSJ "Provision to Exclude Foreign Parts Suppliers as a Security Risk" smart #
  • About us | Acacia Capital Management growing china-focused hedge fund. not sure how much $$ under mgmt #
  • Gates Rejects China Demand for U.S. to Stay Out of Sea Disputes – Bloomberg #
  • China state press say dissident Nobel shows West's fear – Yahoo! News #
  • Officials Say China’s Ban on Rare Earth Minerals Continues – NYTimes really? $mcp #
  • Bloomberg Plans Data Service on Washington – Bloomberg Government. Sounds brilliant #
  • Currency Rift W China Exposes Lost Clout of US-NYT Rubin & Greenspan historical legacy traitor would b proud $macro #
  • CCTV looks at scam tour operators in Beijing (they rip off Chinese not just foreigners) ????:????????? ??????? #
  • Cnooc to Pay $1.08 Billion for Stake in Texas Shale Gas Project – Bloomberg #
  • Obama proposes to sell China C-130s  | China Military Power Mashup US "ready to lift 21-yr arms embargo against China? #
  • Photo: Security Guard Outside Liu Xia’s Home Gives finger to Journalists #
  • Default Swaps Show Hu Jintao Bond Risk Approaches Treasuries-Bberg China’s bonds becoming almost as safe as USTs #
  • Shanghai Property Prices `Very High,' City Needs More Curbs, Mayor Says – Bloomberg what central govt wants 2 hear #
  • xclnt interview of @edwardnh by @venky2000 ‘Bashing China $ going 2 currency war is wrong & risky’ $macro #
  • FT-Time 2 get tough w China would US agree if China conditions RMB reval on end of QE, guarantee of USD assets? $macro #
  • China Daily-Part of the plot to contain China on nobel prize #
  • Full-Zip Yak Wool Men's Sweater-old mink style – Khunu $195 #
  • In Asia, Gates reassuring allies unnerved by China – Yahoo! News #
  • Khunu- yak wool adventure wear #
  • China Spurns Pledges in Climate-Change Accord, U.S.'s Stern Says – Bloomberg #
  • China's Zhou Warns Mounting Deficits Pose Risk of Sovereign Debt Default-Bloomberg gee Ben, which sovereign? $macro #
  • picture worth 1k words. now imagine w carrier killer & nukes. security reacts 2 reporters @ liu xia's house h/t acumon #

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