Readings for 2010-10-24

"Sinocism is the Presidential Daily Brief for China hands"- Evan Osnos, New Yorker Correspondent and National Book Award Winner

  • so it looks like Li Gang may be corrupt. shocked…if CDIC gets involved game over 4 ??????????????????????_??_??? #
  • Emerging Nations Gain in G-20 – #
  • WaPo-Rising leader Xi Jinping's family suffered in Chinese power struggles #
  • Geithner To Meet China Vice Premier Wang Qishan today- #
  • Iran Is Said to Give Top Karzai Aide Cash by the Bagful – Afhganinam #
  • @mkzhao we agree, been saying this 4 a while. Will Declaring Assets Cause Chaos, Delay China Property Tax? | Sinocism #
  • Cheng Siwei talking sense about property tax, and that it won't drive prices down ??????????????????_????? #
  • China Daily profiles CCSweets, Beijing's First (and best) Cupcake (and high end cakes) shop-Hello, cupcake #
  • Foreclose on the Foreclosure Fraudsters, Part 1 | Credit Writedowns #
  • Germany Calls Out Geithner's Hypocrisy, Says Money Printing Is FX Intervention | zero hedge it is #
  • Asia Unbound » China and Rare Earth Metals: the good, the bad and the not as ugly as it seems $mcp $ree #
  • 43000 rmb average price 2 get a car license plate in Shanghai. ???????????4.3??_????_??? #
  • The Chosun Ilbo (English Edition)- N.Korea, China Grow Ever Closer #
  • presence of PLA troops in North Korea would make N Korea immune 2 attack from US/S Korea, meaning N Korea would b even more unswayable #
  • 'No PLA troops going to North Korea'-GlobalTimes rumor that several thousand troops now stationed outside Pyongyang #
  • North Korea Circumventing UN Sanctions With China's Help, U.S. Report Says – Bloomberg #
  • Bank of America’s Foreclosure Mess Won’t Disappear Quickly – NYTimes due process matters #

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